An Interview with Danielle Donahue by Dean Sills

DD1An Interview with Danielle Donahue by Dean Sills

Hello Danielle, first of all, thank you for your time and welcome to UKHS.

UKHS – Danielle, you are known for your work in independent horrors, how did you get into acting especially in the horror genre?

DD – I responded to a casting call that was emailed out to students while I was attending Penn State University in Dubois, PA. They were looking for people to play roles in the independent horror movie ‘Dead Body Man’ . I met with the director, Ryan Cavalline, and I got cast as Hooker #2. Small role but I really enjoyed the film making process. And then kind of just stuck to horror. I would love to branch out though.


UKHS – Can you tell us a little about your early work as an actress including your roles in ‘Wildcat’ and ‘HalloweeNight’?

DD – In the beginning I was really just learning the little nuances of the acting process but working with the Polonia brothers made it so much fun and just a great experience all around. I enjoyed doing ‘HalloweeNight’ because I got to play a party girl which is really a stretch from my personality so it was fun to portray. I still work with Mark Polonia and he’s amazing when it comes to directing, camera work, and editing.

DD2UKHS – You worked on the Tom Cruise film, ‘Jack Reacher’, what was it like working on this as a Bar Patron (uncredited) and did you have fun?

DD – That was a long night. It took about 15 hours to shoot that bar scene. There were about 100 people jam packed in this small bar and it was so hot with the lights and the close proximity of the crowd. Then when you watch it you only see a blurry image of me for about 3 seconds. Totally worth it though. I worked on big sets like that before but I got to work more directly with the director and crew on this one. There’s so many stories I could tell but it would take forever.


UKHS – Which horror actor or actress inspires you the most?

DD – Ah! That’s such a difficult question! I have a big girl crush on Milla Jovovich. She’s mainly known for the ‘Resident Evil’ movies but she is a well rounded actress and does a lot of her own stunts. I really like Lance Henriksen too. He does a lot of straight to video movies now but I could watch him in anything. Oh! And Tony Todd. I got to hang out with him at a horror convention a few years ago and he was a really cool down to earth guy. I still wouldn’t mess with him though.


DD3UKHS – You look awesome as Penny in your new movie ‘Survival Knife’, what can you tell us about the movie and when will we see the film get released?

DD – I’m pretty sure that all that’s left is the music. We’ve been working on it off and on for a couple years so I’m really excited to see how it turns out. Mike McKown, the director, showed me some pieces that he edited and it looks really good. Still not exactly sure when it will be released.

UKHS – ‘Queen Crab’ looks pretty cool especially the stop motion that reminds me of the old Ray Harryhausen movies. Did you enjoy working on this one and what can you tell us about your character?

DD – ‘Queen Crab’ was great! I actually got an advanced copy and it’s really good. Brett Piper directed that one and did the special effects and his stop motion is always amazing. I really enjoyed playing Daisy because she was pretty feisty and it’s always fun to play someone that doesn’t quite parallel yourself. Because then you get to actually “act”.


dd4UKHS – Danielle, you have starred in many movies now, which one is your favourite as an actress and why?

DD – That question is almost impossible to answer because I have such a unique experience with each one. I would have to say that playing Penny in ‘Survival Knife’ was my most challenging and rewarding role. It was very dynamic so I had to pull different parts of myself forward for different scenes.


UKHS – What would you consider to be the three main ingredients that you need to make a classic horror flick?

DD – Well when it comes to B-Horror it seems to be violence, blood, and nudity. I can do blood and violence extremely well but I don’t do nudity so there are some roles I don’t get because of that.


UKHS – If you were stranded on a desert island, which three items would you want to have with you?

DD – A motorboat, a GPS, and an extra tank of gasoline.


dd5UKHS – Finally,where do you see yourself in five years from now?

DD – If you asked me this question 5 years ago I would say that I would see myself being an actor without needing a day job. But that hasn’t happened so I guess I can push it for another 5 years.

Thanks again Danielle for your time, good luck with your
acting career and your new movie ‘Survival Knife’.

Images Courtesy: Danielle Donahue

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