An Interview with Dani Thompson by Dean Sills

dt1An Interview with Dani Thompson by Dean Sills

Hello Dani, welcome to UK Horror Scene. Thank you for giving us your time especially when you are a very busy lady, we really appreciate it, thanks!
DT – You’re welcome

UKHS – Before you became an actress you started out as a model doing all the major lads mags and newspapers including page 3 and front covers of the Daily Sport newspaper. Is the modelling part of your life firmly behind you now so you can focus more on your acting and writing?

DT – I haven’t completely stopped modelling, I don’t do the glamour stuff so much anymore but I still enjoy getting in front of a stills camera. I often do photoshoots to promote my films so I guess that’s still a form of modelling. I’m definitely focusing more on acting now but once a poser always a poser!


dt2UKHS – How did you get into acting especially in the horror genre and what is it about the horror genre that you enjoy so much?

DT – After modelling for so long I wanted a new challenge, I’d always wanted to act but I didn’t want to be one of those models who suddenly turn around one day and claim to be an actress so I went to drama school and studied hard so that I could be taken seriously and then while I was there I did a little bit of presenting for GZ magazine which was a horror mag, met a few horror filmy people and the rest was history, I’ve always been a horror fan, I love the genre so I’m glad I seem to have found my niche.


UKHS – Can you tell us about your role as Beccy in ‘Christmas Slay’ and what was it like filming in Bulgaria?

DT – She is the lead character Emma’s best friend which worked well as I was already friends with Jessica Ann Bonner who played Emma. Bulgaria was an interesting place, and we had quite a bit of free time to explore and go hiking in the hills.


dt4UKHS – ‘Cute Little Buggers 3D’ starring Caroline Munro (The Golden Voyage of Sinbad and The Spy Who Loved Me) is directed by Tony Jopia, with you playing the role of Becca. What actually are the Cute Little Buggers and will fans get treated to any close-up shots of your stunning breasts in 3D? 

DT – I can’t tell you exactly what the Cute Little Buggers actually are because I don’t want to ruin the surprise but I can tell you that they don’t stay cute for long! I haven’t seen any of the footage of the film so will fans get a close up 3D boobs shot? Who knows, it’s a possibility . . .


dt5UKHS – You co-wrote ‘Serial Kaller’ with the director, Dan Brownlie. How did the two of you come up with the idea for the movie and do you have any plans to write some more screenplays?

DT – Whilst I was at drama school I worked weekends on a daytime version of a babe show and sometimes it could get a little dull so in between calls I kind of came up with a what if scenario, what if the microphone was left on and the callers could hear the behind the scenes studio gossip, what if one of those callers was a little bit crazy, what would happen then? And I thought, this could make a great movie so I came up with the characters and wrote the original screenplay, then I took it to Dan and he gored up all of the death scenes.

Our original ‘final’ draft of the script is quite different to the finished film mainly due to investor type politics but you live and learn I guess. After Serial Kaller wrapped Dan wrote a treatment for another film that he had me write up in to a screenplay, it’s called Casa De Sangre and is set in Mexico and at the moment I’m working on a vampire script to add to the brand-B slate.


dt6UKHS- What other projects are you currently working on that you can tell UKHS about?

DT – Currently we’re in pre production on a film called Bad Moon Rising, it’s actually an idea I got whilst in Bulgaria filming Christmas Slay. Jess and I managed to go out and get some footage shot in our free time and we’re scheduled to film the rest of the movie this Summer in the UK. I’m also filming a Superhero movie this year in which I get to play the villain which is going to be a lot of fun.


UKHS – If you were stranded on a desert island, which three items would you want to have with you?

DT – My iPad so then I could watch movies, facetime people and keep up to date on social media. My Yorkshire Terrier, Dolly and some jelly shoes so that I could paddle in the sea.



dt3UKHS – Finally, what is the hardest role that you have had to play and do you go to extreme lengths to prep for your parts and stay in character?

DT – Hmmm that’s a tough question, the hardest was probably the birthing scene in Cute Little Buggers, it was fun but you’re reacting to things happening that aren’t really there. I haven’t had to go to any real extreme lengths yet but I’d definitely be prepared to.

UKHS – Thanks again Dani and keep up the great work.

And please look out for the soon to be published article on Dani’s latest film Bad Moon Rising !!

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