A Visit From The Incubus (2001) Short Film Review


A Visit From The Incubus (2001)

Anna Biller Productions – 26 minutes

Set in the old west , this 26 minute short deals with a young lady being visited by an incubus .

Lucy (Anne Biller) visits her friend Madeleine (Natalia Schroeder) and tells her of sleepless nights due to visits from an incubus while she sleeps . We are told he takes many forms in these encounters including rats and even the devil himself .

Madeleine then confesses that she has been visited by the incubi , but they are actually vampires who feed not on blood but on sex ! . Madeleine also tells Lucy that she is no longer visited by the incubus – and she seems almost sad and wistful that it has now stopped .

Madeleine asks Lucy to stay over so they may fight the demon together should he appear , but Lucy has some shopping to do to take her mind off this , and needs to get some groceries , you know onions and things .

Lucy returns home later (minus any onions I may add) and retires to bed . She falls into a deep sleep and is once again visited by the incubus cleverly disguised as a very very camp satan .

The following morning Lucy decides to join the local strip bar / whorehouse and we get a wonderful Vaudeville finale .

Now you can see that Anne Biller is a feminist . And she uses Lucys innocent femininity as a lure for the incubus but then also as a weapon . And its also amusing how after she is defiled by the demon she almost awakens sexually and uses this to her advantage .

Now I really liked this despite the poor acting and very weak script . In fact during one of the songs later in the film there are lines about fast cars and airplanes when I think this is set around the 1880s ?

But the real stars of the show are Lucy’s eyebrows , boy those babies can really move and do steal the show .

The costumes and settings are well done and the camera angles and colour are fantastic. Yes at times disjointed  So if you have 30 minutes spare and can track this thing down then please do as it is a very entertaining short and I will definitely try to find more work by Anne Biller although checking IMDB she seems to only have 1 film in the last 10 years since this .

A recommended  7/10

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