A Night To Dismember (1983) Review


A Night To Dismember (1983)

Dir. Doris Wishman – 69 Minutes

Juri Productions

On the back of Halloweens success the great exploitation director Doris Wishman (Deadly Weapons, Satan Was a Lady, Double Agent 73) decided to have a go at a slasher herself. Casting porn star Samantha Fox as the lead Vicki shooting was done in 1979 and the film was sent off to the processing lab.

Whilst the film was being processed the lab was declared bankrupt and a disgruntled employee attempted to destroy several films of which this was one. Over 34 minutes of the film was completely destroyed so Doris Wishman set about trying to reassemble and finish the film.

She had to reshoot entire scenes , brought in new actors and had the whole thing cut back to 69 minutes. As entire scenes and much of the dialogue was ruined she had a police detective narrate the entire film from his point of view.

The film starts with Vicki being released from a mental institution where she was placed after the murder of 2 young men. Vicki’s brother and sister embark on a scheme to drive Vicki back to the institution by playing various pranks on her so she will think she is truly insane.


Vicki also finds out her ex boyfriend Frank is with her sister and Vicki starts to have some good old softcore erotic hallucinations. Also I don’t know if it was just me but there did seem to be a lot of foot shots going on , lingering feet shots aplenty.

There are a series of murders at the same time as Vicki’s release and all fingers point towards Vicki but is she the guilty one??

This film is in reality a complete mess , scenes jump from one to the next with no continuity or sense at times. Doris did her best to restore this but this is almost impossible to follow.

Maybe it would have been best if Doris had just left this alone to go down in history as Doris Wishmans unseen slasher classic? But I was told that one of the reasons she finished it was that the rights had already been pre-sold to distributors so she had no choice.

A mess and a shame 3/10


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