A Life in Blood: Tales of a Horror Queen October 2017

A Life in Blood: Tales of a Horror Queen October 2017

This horror queen recently went to Las Vegas and Los Angeles for film business! In Vegas I attended both Action on Film and Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festivals! Then it was off to Los Angeles to shoot a cameo and do a photo shoot!

My directorial debut, Attack of The Killer Chickens walked away with Best Spoof at Action on Film International Film Festival and came in 2nd place for Best Art Direction at Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival and Writer’s Celebration. A huge surprise for me and a great honor as a first-time director.

Attack of the Killer Chickens is a short film and my directorial debut. So far it has been accepted to over 20 film festivals and been nominated for numerous awards including Best Actress: Genoveva Rossi in a Short Film, Best Supporting Actress: Pamela Martin in a Short Film, Best Comedy Film, Best Short Film, Best Visual Effects, Best Screenplay, Best Spoof, and Best Concept. I wrote this film, directed it, produced it, and acted in it.

I am incredibly thankful to an amazing cast and crew. But perhaps the real stars of the film are the chicken puppets created by Rocco George. Rocco and I are huge fans of Jim Henson and his puppet creations for the film pay homage to Henson’s vision.

Synopsis: It’s the dawn of a new age, a chicken age. Attack of the Killer Chickens! Running time: 6 minutes 30 seconds Director, writer, producer, and actress of Attack of the Killer Chickens: Genoveva Rossi. Starring: Genoveva Rossi, Edward X. Young, Rocco George, Nick Petito and with Pamela Martin as Jill. Music by James Hostomsky.

IMDb: http://m.imdb.com/title/tt4942096/?ref_=m_fn_al_1 Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Attackofthekillerchickens/

How did I hatch the idea for this of the wall chicken film? It all started with me learning that there were actually more chickens in the world presently than humans. My NYC acting pal Pamela Martin asked me if I had any ideas for a short film and I told her of my chicken horror idea. I like to this of Attack of the Killer Chickens as the Citizen Kane of crazy chicken film.

What inspired me to create this film? The films that inspired me the most were Pink Flamingos, The Birds, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Planet of the Apes, Plan 9 From Outer Space, and Night of the Living Dead. For the first film I directed I wanted to go back to the beginning and explore some of the early low budget films that inspired me as a kid. Films so bad they’re good! So of course it was so fitting to have Attack of the Killer Chickens screen at a Troma event!

What are the future plans for Attack of the Killer Chickens? The short film will be continuing its epic run at more film festivals all over the world. Preproduction has begun on the feature film! If anyone is interested in getting involved or investing in the film they can email me at Genovevarossi@outlook.com.

Then it was off to Los Angeles to shoot a cameo in James Balsamo’s long anticipated Cool As Hell 2, which is a sequel to the cult horror film Cool As Hell. I am truly honored to appear in both films and so many entertaining films by Acid Bath Productions including I Spill Yours Guts, Bite School, Killer Waves, and The Litch! Check them all out.

Then I had a glamourous photoshoot and interview with Michael Bezjian for The Artists Project, The TAProject, Moon Star Beauty Official, and Makeup by Luar. Photographer Michael Bezjian has photographed some of the most well-known actors and models in Los Angeles and New York City. He photographs for Getty Images, which is a huge deal.

While in Los Angeles, I was asked to attend and donate some items to a celebrity charity auction for the victims of Hurricane Harvey called Houston Strong, which was hosted by Dark Delicacies. This was a tremendous honor and I am thankful for the opportunity to help others in any meaningful way. It was an amazing evening with so many good vibes. It was wonderful to meet and chat with Lance Henriksen and Amanda Wyss.

Thank you for reading another gooey and fun installment of my A Life in Blood; Tales of a Horror Queen for UKhorrorscene.com.

Yours in screams,
Genoveva Rossi

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