A Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #7 – Walker Stalker & an Exclusive Interview with Elvira

genrossibannerA Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #7 – Walker Stalker and an Exclusive Interview with Elvira

grws4As I approached the location of the New Jersey Walker Stalker Convention I was a bit taken aback by the the line of cars down the road anxiously waiting to get inside. I knew horror fans all over the world loved The Walking Dead, but I didn’t realize quite how much evidently. After parking a long walk away from the convention center I then noticed the line to get in and was thankful The Digital Dead got me a press pass.

Inside fans were waiting on long lines for hours to meet Walking Dead star Norman Reedas. Last year while in New Jersey Reedas was bitten by an eager or perhaps hungry female fan. It amazes me that women happily wait on line 6 or 8 hours to meet him as though they will climax once they are face to face with him.

grws2All press was forbidden to interview any current members of the cast due to The Walking Dead’s fear of any spoilers accidentally going to print so my interviews with cast mostly focused on those that has died on the show. I found that every actor felt very differently about their character being killed. Walker Stalker was a fun filled weekend for fans of The Walking Dead and zombie enthusiasts. It was a great event.

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark and horror icon (aka. Cassandra Peterson). I just want to say as a horror actress and genre fan, Elvira has always been a true inspiration for me; a unique and amazing woman in horror.

Genoveva: Great meeting you and thank you for your time. Elvira or Cassandra Peterson? What do you prefer to be called?

Elvira: Well yesterday Elvira and today Cassandra. It depends on what color my hair is.

grws1Genoveva: Depending on how you are dressed. Do you ever get tired of dressing as Elvira? Do you wish you could be yourself more?

Elvira: I like being Elvira because it makes people happy. They love the character. The only bad part is the two hours of make-up, clothes and wig and that can get a little old.

Genoveva: How long have you been Elvira?

Elvira: This year it’s 35 years.

Genoveva: Where do you see Elvira going in the future?

Elvira: I see her going home to bed and eating dinner. (haha) I don’t mean to brag, but I see Elvira has reached this iconic status. That Elvira is a strong image that can carry on without me with merchandising and such.

grws3Genoveva: So what are the plans for Cassandra?

Elvira: Oh me! Like I said sleeping and eating; all those things. Going on lots of vacations. I imagine I will be doing this for a few more years. As long as I can fit in my dress.

Genoveva: Would you ever want to do a movie about your life or autobiography?

Elvira: I am in the middle of my autobiography. I have been writing it forever. It’s going to be as thick as the bible. Just to mention I have a coffee table book coming out Oct 1st of 35 years of all my photographs. From the first day to present. Awesome book; like an autobiography in photos. That will be this Oct and my biography who knows; when I get time to finish writing it.

grws6Genoveva: I am a big fan of your films both Elvira Mistress of the Dark and Haunted Hills. Any plans to do more films?

Elvira: Plans for an Elvira animated television show. Animation is the way to go; I don’t have to look good. Don’t have to dress up and I read the dialogue; I love it!

Genoveva: Any final thoughts to leave us with?

grws5Elvira: Well yeah go to Elvira.com and check out everything I am up to. And I have a lot of merchandising. You can find out where I am, what I’m doing, be my friend on Facebook. Be awesome; at The Real Elvira. Also on Twitter and Instagram. That would be awesome.

All pictures kindly from Stas Pix !!

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