A Life in Blood: Tales of a Horror Queen August 2017 – Mr Bones

A Life in Blood: Tales of a Horror Queen August 2017 – Mr Bones

This horror queen recently had the pleasure of starring in a dramatic short horror film, Mr. Bones. This film was filmed in New Jersey with some talented newcomers to the horror genre. In this film, I play a mother taking her young daughter to a garage sale where they encounter a mysterious doll. It was really spectacular to be involved with a film that had such an interesting script and storyline. My character was unique and challenging.

Directed by Joseph Meli with cinematographer John Piekos. Starring: Genoveva Rossi, K.J. Hopkins, Albert Moschetti Sr., Alexa Diaz, Yossef Seddiki, Justin Diaz, Alyssa Taylor, Hugh Macleod, Joseph Meli, Ivette Cardenes, Jennifer Rasbold, and Tina Dellorusso.

It was a pleasure to work with K.J. Hopkins on another film. Hopkins is both known for his acting and special effects makeup in a variety of horror films including my short film, Attack of the Killer Chickens which has been accepted to 16 film festivals so far. He is a great horror friend and collaborator.

It was a lot of fun working on Mr. Bones. I especially enjoyed my dramatic scenes with my on-screen boyfriend Albert Moschetti. We had great chemistry and intensity in our scenes, which definitely translates well in the film.

Alexa Diaz, a very young actress who is very new to the acting world, did a surprisingly amazing job as my troubled daughter. We had a great relationship on and off screen. It was fun helping her through her scenes. As an experienced actress, it can be really inspiring to work with a beginner and see the world of filmmaking through her eyes. It takes you back to you own first few films and shows you your past and what it took to get you to where you are today. Really inspiring.

with director Joseph Meli and cinematographer Jon Piekos

with director Meli and actor Albert Moschetti Sr. from Mr Bones

Mr. Bones was recently completed. I was heavily involved with this film not just an as an actress, but I also coached the other actors on their scenes, especially their diction and body language. I also met with our editor and gave a lot of input on how the film should be edited, and many of my suggestions ended up in the final film.

It has had its packed premiere party and was just screened at its first film festival The Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest in a horror shorts block that sold out a week before the film festival. It received two nominations; Best Actress Alexa Diaz and Best Horror Film. In the end, we walked away as the runner up for Best Horror Film! Stay tuned for more updates on Mr. Bones!

While at the film festival I ran into fellow Italian actor, Joseph Donofrio from A Bronx Tale and Goodfellas. Such an honor to have a film of mine screen at the same film fest with such a talented actor who won an acting award at the event. An amazing actor and a great guy.

Thanks for reading this month’s A Life In Blood: Tales of a Horror Queen! See you ghouls next month for more tales of horror.

Running  into Joseph Donofrio from A Bronx Tale and Goodfellas at film festival.

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