A Killer Conversation (2014) Review


Dir. David V G Davies

80 mins

Starring: Ryan Hunter, Rudy Barrow and Melanie Denholme.

On the same day a burglar wants to kill you and your ex wants to make up …
… and for the life of it, you can’t decide which is worse!

A Killer Conversation’ is a black comedy written by Michael Haberfelner.

You are probably wondering why I am reviewing this on a Horror website like UKHS when it’s more of a black comedy, thriller? Well, everyone who is associated with the film is from the horror genre so it will appeal to a number of horror fans especially if you enjoy the work of David V G Davies.

Karl (Ryan Hunter) opens his door to an armed burglar (Rudy Barrow) and soon finds himself tied to a chair watching the burglar eat his pre-cooked microwave dinner for one. The burglar is so polite he even brings his own napkin and offers to share the food which could be Karl’s last meal. Karl finds himself thinking of ways to keep the burglar busy but deep down probably wishes he hadn’t when his ex turns up at the door.

SONY DSCPauline ( Melanie Denholme) should have been Karl’s best bet for staying alive but he would have had more luck with the Bee Gees thanks to his ex making the terrifying situation much worse than it already was. Pauline is a pompous bitch who is just interested in herself and not what will happen to Karl. She doesn’t even bat an eye when she walks into the room and sees the burglar pointing a gun. It’s really hard to imagine a past relationship between the two of them. Karl, who at times is very annoying and you feel like slapping him across the face with a wet fish,won’t forgive her past mistakes and he soon finds out much more about their doomed relationship while the burglar politely sits through it all with a gun in his hand.Will the couple make up? Who will get out alive and what secrets does a certain sex tape reveal?

The film does both hit or miss and you need to stay with it but the humour does come across rather well at times including the whether or not to cut the rope scene and this is thanks to Michael Haberfelner’s superb script. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the near future. The acting is also up to standard for a low budget movie and it’s a refreshing change to see David V G Davies (Blaze of Gory) direct a movie that isn’t horror. He does a decent job showing us he is a serious filmmaker and not just a blood and gore kind of guy. The film was shot in three days with a cast of three.

akc2It’s a character, dialogue-driven piece which writer and film critic Michael Haberfelner wrote 20 years ago (give or take a couple) in Vienna. The producer, actress Melanie Denholme took the project on after Michael interviewed her on his indie movie website (re)Search my Trash back in 2012 after telling her about the script he had written. The film will be released on DVD in February.


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