7th Day (2012) Review

7thday17th Day (2012)

Director – Jason M. Koch

Starring – Mark S. Sanders, Daisy Gibb, Michael Brecher, Jessy Danner.

Released by – http://www.direwitfilms.com/




Allen Dean is many things. He is an employee, a romantic, an occasional drinker who also uses drugs (purely for recreational purposes) oh and he kills people.


7th Day landed on the doormat here at UKHS towers in a plain envelope all the way from across the pond in the USA. There was nothing else attached, no press release nothing! So in all honesty it sat on my “to watch” pile while I dealt with more important matters, then one evening it caught my eye and I popped it in the trusty player while I grabbed a bottle of my medicine – namely a tasteless and strangely cheap red wine. The next 70 or so minutes just flew by, I sat and I drank and I made a few notes, then retired to bed in a bit of a haze which I put down to the vino tinto.

The next morning I was confused, had I really watched a film the previous evening like I thought I had? I checked my notes and they confirmed that I had just viewed what I can only describe as a masterpiece of low budget filmmaking. Believe me 7th Day is something very special indeed.


7thday2The film follows Allen over 7 days in his life. Allen works as a dishwasher at a local bar/restaurant where he is treated as a dogsbody and everyone talks down to him. However the highlight of Allen’s job is that he gets to spend time with his true love Denise (although she doesn’t know this yet!). Allen fantasizes about having a normal relationship with Denise, where they take strolls in the park and mall and live happily ever after.

The trouble is that Allen is a serial killer, and he just loves it. So could Allen stop what is his natural calling (and quite frankly the only thing he is good at) to date Denise?


7th Day is narrated throughout from Allen (and a mysterious interviewer) and we get to see and hear his unique and quite obviously psychotic view on life. We learn that his father killed himself, he was abused by his older brother and his mother used to suck the local teenage boys , and all this is told in a wonderful way as Allen reminisces about his youth.

Allen’s view of the world is totally askew , he believes that Denise could feel the same about him as he does about her yet the viewer can plainly see that Denise holds Allen in complete contempt and can’t bear even to talk to him.


7thday3All this is told in a very darkly humourous way and we then also get to see Allen plying his trade as a killer. This is where 7th Day is so different from almost anything I have seen before, as the murder scenes are brutal. There are some scenes that made me feel physically sick (well done for that) and had me turning from the screen, this is indeed some really dark stuff. And the physical effects are totally superb , the cutting scene in the cellar was just remarkable.


As the days tick by we see Allen getting more psychotic and anxious as he tries to decide on whether he should ask Denise out and try to make a real, normal life for himself. There are hilarious interludes with his annoying neighbour , a local drug dealer, a female jogger and a homeless man which all just tie the movie together and show Allen’s day to day nefarious activities when he is not working.


Then there is the ending, oh the ending!! I believe the biggest talking point of 7th Day will be the ending. I (of course) would never give away an ending BUT it was just perfect and a real treat to see a film maker with balls!!


I have always (well since I was about 15) had a huge interest in serial killers and this is one of the best films in the serial killer genre I have ever seen, this is up there (but just below) Henry! I have seen 7th Day three times now and just loved it more and more. It is a truly dark, disgusting film that manages to be very funny and you even empathise with Allen as the anti-hero of the feature.


7thday47th Day will definitely be in my TOP 10 films at the end of the year and I just can’t recommend it highly enough. It is a film that pulls no punches and definitely not for the squeamish, yet it has warmth and a heart. How this is possible with the subject matter is remarkable but writer Mark Leake, director Jason M. Koch and star Mark S. Sanders (Allen) have created an absolute masterpiece of exploitation cinema that will stay with me for ever.


This is a MUST SEE 9.5/10

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