555 (1988) Review

555 (1988)

Dir. Wally Koz – 90 Minutes

King Video Productions

555 was a straight to video release in 1988. Producer and Director Wally Koz and what seems like his entire family shot this in Chicago , and Koz who had no experience in film making was convinced he could shoot a decent slasher on a miniscule budget.

He was hoping to do everything himself , producing and directing along with marketing and distribution. And with various family members he did just that, however with no endorsment or rating from the MPAA almost every copy was seized and as few as 50 were released. Making this one rare VHS. However copies are available now on DVD from the USA.

The film starts with a young couple making out on the beach, they are then attacked and murdered by a knife wielding maniac who is according to an eye witness dressed as a hippie.

Now this isn’t your ordinary killer , oh no this one likes to rape the still warm bodies of the girls he kills. Now terror fills the town as the following night again another college age couple are killed in an equally horrific way. But hope arrives in the form of Sgt Connor and Detective Haller who are on the case along with the sultry news journalist Susan Rather.


Together they try to find the killer who they realise kills on the 5th month every 5 years for 5 nights hence 555. So they must stop him before the end of the 5th night .

This is a grainy sleazy piece of 1980′s exploitation that features necrophilia, misogyny and really colourful language. Lots of bloody bare boobs abound and notice the one bloody scream for every female that gets killed .

Yes its not the greatest slasher or even near that but it entertains and thats what counts. If you get a chance to see Wally’s only film then do so and best served with beer and friends. A corny classic .

Way to go Wally Koz 6.5/10

Main Cast

Mara Lynn Bastian as Susan Rather
Charles Fuller as Colonel Peter Wayne
Bob Grabill as The Killer and Police Officer
Greg Kerouac as Sergeant Connor
Greg Neilson as Ralph Kennedy/Joseph Ralph Dwyer
B.K. Smith as Detective Johnny Haller
Wally Koz as Captain Luca


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