31 Days of Horror: #8 – The Brood

31 Days of Horror: #8 – The Brood

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BroodThe Brood (1979)

Written & Directed by David Cronenberg

Starring Oliver Reed, Art Hindle, Samantha Eggar, Cindy Hinds

Frank (Hindle) has custody of his daughter, Candice (Hinds), and is separated from his wife Nola (Eggar), who has checked into a clinic run by an unconventional psychotherapist Dr Raglan (Reed). She is undergoing a radical therapy named psychoplasmics which may be causing adverse reactions both mentally and physically among Dr Raglan’s patients…

An intense look at the therapy obsession that swept through the early seventies, this was almost autobiographical for Cronenberg who, at the time of filming, was involved in a very acrimonious, long distance custody battle of his own. Reed is at his broodingly (pardon the pun) bonkers best and the performance from the young Hinds is one of the finest from a child actor .

Definitely one for a cold Halloween night, close the curtains, light a fire and check under the sofa. The Brood may not be everyone’s cup of tea , but if you want a unique look into familial breakdown and its traumatic, monstrous effects then this Cronenberg masterpiece may be for you.

Fun Fact: A couple of years ago I spelt Cindy Hinds’ name wrong in a review of The Brood and she contacted me. I ended up interviewing her (SEE HERE) and we became good friends.

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