31 Days of Horror: #29 – Satan’s Little Helper

31 Days of Horror: #29 – Satan’s Little Helper

Your daily bitesized guide to the films you should be watching this Halloween season…

SLHSatan’s Little Helper (2004)

Written & Directed by Jeff Lieberman

Starring Alexander Brickel, Katheryn Winnick, Amanda Plummer

Landing anonymously in the UK DVD market in October 2005 thanks to the now defunct regular softcore label Third Millennium, this overlooked yet quite outstanding Halloween tale deserves a place in the pantheon of Samhain favourites. Little Dougie Whooly, played brilliantly by ten year old Brickel, is a kid for which Halloween is a major highlight. Obsessed with the video game Satan’s Little Helper, he’s looking to be just that and, thanks to a marauding serial killer resplendent in a Satan outfit, his fantasy world is about to become frighteningly real.

Brickel surely delivers one of the best ‘kid in a horror film’ performances for years with his adorable demeanour of wide-eyed innocence, while Lieberman – perhaps best known for Squirm and Just Before Dawn – mixes a deliciously dark element of black humour into the picture with a protracted ruse that will have you gasping at its audacity. Ten years since its release, Satan’s Little Helper has mysteriously failed to attract the acclaim it deserves, so much so that it could well be the finest Halloween based movie that you’ve never seen.

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