13 Eerie (2013) Review


13 Eerie (2013)

Dir. Lowell Dean – 86 minutes

Don Carmody Productions

Starring Katherine Isabelle , Michael Shanks , Brendan Fehr , Brendan Fletcher , Nick Moran , Jessie Moss .

Six forensic pathology students are sent to a remote island by their college professor, here they are teamed into pairs and given field case studies featuring real corpses in various sites. They must work together to analyse the area and write a report about their conclusions.

Unfortunately the site that was chosen used to be a high security prison , that (rumour has it) was used for illegal biological testing on the inmates. The place is now completely deserted but local guide and handyman Larry is convinced by stories that all is not well in the location.

Just after arriving and being placed into pairs , the students disperse to examine their murder sites. Each site is set up as a murder scene and Professor Tomkins (Michael Shanks) has placed CCTV and given each student a Walkie Talkie so he can observe and interact with them.


As all the student get on with their work Larry finds a fourth body which the students think has been put there by Prof. Tomkins as some sort of ruse. But it is not a ruse and soon the body has gone and the students start to see and experience things that are definitely NOT on the curriculum.

Now where to start? Well the cast is a fine ensemble of genre actors , Katherine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps , American Mary) , Michael Shanks (Stargate) , Brendan Fehr (Final Destination, Roswell) , Jessie Moss (Tucker & Dale, Final Destination) and the premise is fairly unique and promised much. But the awful script, terrible effects and plain laziness just ruins this.



SPOILER ALERT – here are a few spoilers but nothing about the ending or turn of events throughout the film!!

13 Eerie brings nothing new to the genre – This is a zombie film and the zombies are dreadful , they seem to appear from nowhere , there is no explanation of how they became zombies or where they have been since the facility closed. The effects are fairly poor with a couple of exceptions and it just feels lazy throughout.

The worst part for me was the complete lack of any character development , you just get six students , one professor and one local guide (played by Nick Moran with an unrecognisable accent). You never find out who they are , what brings them to forensics and end up really not caring who lives or dies.


13eerie1A few things slightly bring this up from bottom of the heap , like the ever lovely Katherine Isabelle (but watch American Mary to see her at her best – a great original film) and the set was well made , with great cinematography and nice, crisp night shots.


But all in this is a let down , you can see what it wants to do but by trying to short cut the story by bringing in the zombies then it all feels rushed and(again I use this word) lazy.

Adds little to the Zombie genre and could have been so much better 4/10

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