New Horror Film OUIJA in cinemas this Halloween. Pics & Clips here.

ouija1New Horror Film OUIJA out this Halloween.


In OUIJA, a group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board. Stiles White directs the supernatural thriller that is produced by Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller (The Purge, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th) alongside Blumhouse Productions’ Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity and Insidious series, The Purge), Bennett Schneir (Battleship) and Hasbro. Juliet Snowden and Stiles White wrote the script for Ouija, and Universal will distribute the film worldwide.

OUIJA is released in UK cinemas 31st October 2014.




Treehouse (2014) DVD Review

Treehouse 1Treehouse (2014)

Director: Michael Bartlett

Written by: Alex Child, Miles Harrington

Starring: Dana Melanie, J. Michael Trautmann

Run Time: 95 mins

UK Release 20th October 2014 from Signature Entertainment

Brothers Killian (Trautmann) and Crawford (Daniel Fredrick) break curfew and head to an isolated forest for a night of fun. There they discover an old tree house and inside find Elizabeth (Melanie), alone, injured and terrified. Together they must fight an extraordinary evil.

I had low expectations for this film, having not enjoyed the director’s previous work all that much. But it’s fair to say that Treehouse honestly surprised me and I ended up really enjoying it.

First and foremost it’s a beautiful film with gorgeous cinematography, it looks like something that has come from a big Hollywood studio. The aerial shots are a particular stand out for me; reminiscent of the opening shots of The Shining they sweep across the landscape showing off the locations in all their glory.
The director has really come along way from the gritty found footage look of The Zombie Diaries.

The cast are fantastic, especially the impressive young leads, Dana Melanie and J. Michael … Continue reading

31 Days of Horror: #24 – The Devil Rides Out

31 Days of Horror: #24 – The Devil Rides Out

Your daily bitesized guide to the films you should be watching this Halloween season…

Devil Rides OutThe Devil Rides Out (1968)

Directed by Terence Fisher
Written by Richard Matheson, from the novel by Dennis Wheatley

Starring Christopher Lee, Charles Gray, Patrick Mower, Niké Arrighi

Based upon occult expert Dennis Wheatley’s novel, The Devil Rides out is Hammer at their grandiose best. Directed with Terence Fishers simple but skillful style, it spins a devilish tale about the nefarious goings on inside a cult who quite literally summon the devil and are generally up to no good. The Devil Rides Out isn’t as achingly Gothic as some of the Hammer catalogue, but with a script respectful to Wheatley’s occult knowledge and its hints at the esoteric goings on of high society it is a perfect fit for Hammer.

Dripping with atmosphere, and in possession of a genuinely surprising twist, it is both creepy and gleefully camp making it a fantastic pick for anyone in the mood for some old school Halloween thrills. Christopher Lee is wonderfully theatrical as The Duc De Richelieu – … Continue reading

An Interview with Emma Thomas aka Miss Cakehead by Madeleine Swann

An Interview with Emma Thomas aka Miss Cakehead by Madeleine Swann

Emma Thomas, AKA Miss Cakehead, organises events of both food and the bizarre. Not for her are tranquil wine and cheese nights, you’re much more likely to munch on ‘human’ flesh or swim in a pool of blood. She describes herself as “a freelance creative director who creates stunts, experiences and campaigns for a wide variety of clients including Proximo Spirits, 20th Century Fox and Capcom,” and stunts have ranged from screen printing press releases in blood to “dying red roses black with ink for The Kraken Rum Think Ink Valentine’s Day pop up florist.”

Her latest project, Cakeageddon, is taking place around Halloween (of course) in London – Standalone Farm in Letchworth Garden City to be precise – and features a side of fairy-tales you never read about as a child.

cakeageddon-1What is Cakeageddon?
It’s the world’s first edible horror farm with gruesome cake. We’ve been fascinated with horror farms and this is the fourth year we’ve done a cake shop, so when Letchworth Heritage Foundation asked me to work with them it seemed the … Continue reading

31 Days of Horror: #23 – A Rob Zombie Double! Halloween & Halloween II

31 Days of Horror: #23 – A Rob Zombie Double! Halloween & Halloween II

Your daily bitesized guide to the films you should be watching this Halloween season…

halzom1Halloween (2007)

Written & Directed by Rob Zombie

Starring Malcolm McDowell, Sheri Moon Zombie, Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor-Compton

Rob Zombie’s modern take on the legendary Michael Myers gets a lot of hate from horror fans – and for good reason. However, his rough, white trash origin story is, for the most part, exactly what it sets out to be – a modern retelling of a very well-known tale. Zombie charts Myers’ childhood, in a fucked up family with an abusive stepfather and a stripper for a mother, to his stint in a detention centre for the criminally insane, to his subsequent escape and return to Haddonfield. The first two acts, during which Zombie puts his own, bloodied fingerprints on the story, are strong, gory and dark. Myers, as played by hulking ex-wrestler Tyler Mane, is an absolute beast – as opposed to the everyman of John Carpenter’s seminal classic – and it’s easy to understand how terrifying it would be to meet him down … Continue reading

Slasher: A Joshua Matthews Thriller by WD Jackson – Book Review

slasherbookSlasher: A Joshua Matthews Thriller by WD Jackson

Release Date 27th October 2014 – See end of review for links. 

The Final Girl is the one of horrors most enduring tropes. Great Horror icons like the Xenomorph, Freddy Krueger or The Shape have all fallen at the last hurdle, outfought and outwitted by some of the most memorable female characters in genre history. Several of the actresses, such as Jamie Lee Curtis or Milla Jovovich, who played these survivors, would go on to become A List stars.

But what if playing a famous Final Girl on the screen made you the target of a vicious Serial Killer? Such an intriguing premise forms the plot of WD Jackson’s new novel Slasher. The idea of various actresses, famous for their Final Girl roles, fighting with a real life masked killer is simply inspired, one that oozes potential. Now, as Horror fans we’ve seen great premises both forfeit their potential (I’m looking at you Monster Brawl) as well as actually deliver the excitement we crave. So which side of the fence does Slasher fall?

Alas, I’m not sure the … Continue reading

31 Days of Horror: #22 – A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

31 Days of Horror: #22 – A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Your daily bitesized guide to the films you should be watching this Halloween season…

ANOES3 (1)A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)

Directed by Chuck Russell
Written by Wes Craven, Bruce Wagner, Frank Darabont, Chuck Russell
Story by Wes Craven & Bruce Wagner

Starring Heather Langenkamp, Patricia Arquette, Craig Wasson & Robert Englund

Maybe it’s the fact Wes Craven came back from the first film to co-write this. Maybe it’s the fact Freddy Krueger had, by this point, well and truly made his mark as a ‘not-going-anywhere’ horror icon. Regardless, Dream Warriors is a masterful genre film. A cult classic and a firm fan favourite, and with a great soundtrack to boot, it’s the perfect Halloween flick; showing that sometimes – just sometimes – a follow-up can, indeed, better its predecessors.

What are you watching?
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Click on the links below to tell us what you think on our choices and what WE should be … Continue reading

The Spanish Chainsaw Massacre (2013) DVD Review

scm1THE SPANISH CHAINSAW MASSACRE (Spain, 2013) aka Carnívoros

Dir- Manolito Motosierra

Starring- Pedro García Oliva, Óscar Gisbert, Nereida López

51 Minutes – UK DVD Release from 88 Films – Out Now

Before taking this film onto review, I already heard a few negative reviews, well people who I spoke to who have said that the film is shit. Willing to take the negativity on board and given the opportunity to review it, I thought why not give it a try. After all I don’t mind bad films, in the way that If there bad and they end up being unintentionally funny, and that’s always going to be entertaining. Not so with this one, this is just plain awful through and through.

The so-called plot of the film revolves around a heavy metal group call The Metal Dicks (yes that’s the name of the band), who after their producer is sick of throwing money at them after 69 takes of recording one single, sends out his manager to take them on the road. Before you can say things can’t go wrong, they do, when the van breaks down and … Continue reading

The Filing Cabinet of Doom by Madeleine Swann

filing-cabinet-of-doom-madeleine-swannThe Filing Cabinet of Doom by Madeleine Swann


It’s a surreal comedy set in a black and white world where people communicate via speech bubbles and no sound exists. During a visit by a traveling carnival a psychic informs a village that the world will end soon. Three people make their way to the Head Office of the Council – a distant and dangerous place – to find out what’s going on while the psychic stays behind to face the wrath of the villagers.

The Filing Cabinet of Doom is a collection of Weird Tales, some humorous, some dark, but all strange.

A psychic from a travelling carnival informs a village that the world is about to end. Three people travel to Head Office at the Council – a far off and dangerous place – to find out what can be done.

Along with this are 16 other stories. One woman wakes up in a doll’s house, a man earns money from harbouring ghosts and another woman discovers the Marzipan King is a real dick.

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Celluloid Screams – Sheffield 24th – 26th October – Full Schedule !

Sheffield Showroom Cinema
24th – 26th October 2014

As Halloween approaches Sheffield gets into the Samhain spirit with its Celluloid Screams festival. A weekend of horror’s both old and new at the renowned Showroom cinema it promises to be a lot of ghoulish fun. With special guests such as The great Brian Yuzna, Adam Brook’s and Matthew Kennedy, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead it is a weekend jam packed with enough horror to keep even the most discerning horror fan happy.


editor (1)The Editor – Canada – 2014  7PM
Dir: Adam Brooks & Matthew Kennedy
1hr 42min
From the Canadian crew calling themselves Astron 6 The Editor gets things started. A tribute to the great Giallo thrillers of the 1970’s and 80’s it follows a once great film editor who, after a horrific accident, is reduced to cutting together low budget rubbish. The latest film he is working on is no different until the actor’s begin to turn up dead. … Continue reading