Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016) Review

ouija1Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)
Dir: Mike Flanagan
Starring: Elizabeth Reaser, Annalise Basso, Lulu Wilson, Parker Mack, Henry Thomas

Released 21 October by Universal Pictures

Oculus director Mike Flanagan’s follow-up to 2014’s underwhelming Ouija is actually a prequel, although up well enough if you haven’t seen the previous film.

Set in 1967, it is the story of widow Alice (Elizabeth Reaser) who holds fake seances in her home to make ends meet, often assisted by daughters: sweet young Doris (Lulu Wilson) and rebellious teen Paulina (Annalise Basso).
However, when Alice decides to incorporate a Ouija board into their act, Doris thinks she has made contact with her deceased father. At first overjoyed, Alice becomes suspicious about who, or what, might be communicating with them. Then, with the help of Doris’ headteacher, Father Tom (Henry Thomas) and Paulina’s boyfriend Mikey (Parker Mack), the family is forced to face the terrifying truth about the board…

I think the most important thing to state in this review is that Origin of Evil is a MASSIVE improvement on its lacklustre predecessor. If you … Continue reading

Grimmfest Saturday 8th October 2016 – Review

GRIMMFEST- SATURDAY 8th OCTOBER – An overview by James Pemberton

observance1OBSERVANCE (Dir- Joseph Sims-Dennett, AUSTRALIA, 2015)

Parker, a private investigator who is estranged from his ex-wife after the death of their son, accepts a job from a mysterious employer to watch a young women from an abandoned apartment that is opposite to hers and to photograph and record her movements. However the further he stays on the job he starts to see strange happenings around her and also in the abandoned apartment he is based in. While the employer keeps the purpose of his investigation away from him, things start to slowly fall apart for Parker. Is it the apartment and the job causing this or is he suffering from a break down.

An intriguing psychological horror that benefits from its REPULSION like setting of a derelict abandoned apartment OBSERVANCE will probably frustrate some with its loose connections between certain scenes and deliberate use of suggestion to what is going on in the mind of our protagonist or is it the apartment itself that’s causing the gradual breakdown. It kind of gives … Continue reading

Jack Goes Home (2016) Review

jack_goes_home_onesheetJACK GOES HOME (2016)

Starring Rory Culkin, Britt Robertson and Lin Shaye

Written and Directed by Thomas Dekker

After his father is killed in a car crash, Jack travels home to Colorado to help nurse his mother (who was injured in the crash) back to health. There, he uncovers long buried secrets and lies within his family history, his parents, his friends and his very identity“.

I have to be honest and say my knowledge of Thomas Dekker as an actor is pretty limited. I never watched the acclaimed Terminator TV series of the short-lived The Secret Circle, the only thing I’ve seen him in is the nightmarishly awful Nightmare on Elm Street remake, and nobody could’ve stood out performance wise in that risible shower of shite. So when news broke that he was making a horror film, I was all a bit “meh”.

But then the casting news broke and my attention was gained. Hell, I’ll watch just about anything with the iconic Lin Shaye.

Jack Goes Home is a tricky one to pin down. It’s undeniably ambitious, almost to a … Continue reading

UK Horror Scene Frightsight – Hanging With… Damon Rickard !

tour1Welcome to our series of video interviews as UKHS writer Tony Sands and his crew hang with talented British folk from across the horror spectrum. They will be bringing a number of interviews across 2016 that will hopefully give you an insight into the UK indie horror scene and you will hear just what it takes to get a project to fruition.

Here Damon Rickard (writer & director of short films such as The Tour and The Package)  joins the crew to chat about films, women screaming at his Mum’s house and thumbs.

Grimmfest Friday 7th October 2016 – Review

GRIMMFEST 2016- Friday 7th October – AN Overview by James Pemberton

unseenTHE UNSEEN (Dir- Geoff Redknapp, Canada, 2016)

The first full day of films kick off with a screening of this interesting sci fi tinged horror film about a former hockey player Bob Langmore (Aden Young) who etches a living as a mill worker in a snow covered small Canadian town. Langmore however is suffering from a genetic disorder which was passed down by his dad and is rendering his body invisible. He wants to re-connect with his daughter before he fully disappears and along the way agrees to deliver a package for a local drug dealer. This puts him in the cross-hairs of many various criminal types as well as placing him on the hunt for his daughter when she goes missing. Redknapp is known more for his work as an effects guy on various big budget films, most recently this years DEADPOOL and the sense of visual effects is present especially in Bob’s increasingly invisibility which is superbly staged and often visually gruesome in parts but impressive none the less.

Combining a … Continue reading

Dark Web: Steven Hickey’s Essential Guide To Creepypasta Part 30: Psychosis


Whenever I interview Creepypasta authors for this series of features, one question that I ask of all of them is ‘what is YOUR favourite pasta?’ The answers are fairly wide-ranging (as matters of taste often are), but there are some familiar titles that crop up time and time again. One of the most popular of these is the excellent Psychosis.

First published a few years ago on the now-defunct, original Creepypasta.com forum by user M59Gar, it was then featured on the front page of the site in 2008-2009. Sadly the site is no longer active, but the next oldest version of Psychosis was that posted to the new creepypasta.com on 3 November 2010 here: http://www.creepypasta.com/psychosis/

M59Gar’s Psychosis is one of the longer Creepypastas, but it is well worth the time it takes to read it. I thoroughly recommend you do so immediately! The story is actually rather simple, detailing a young programmer who slowly but surely succumbs to his own paranoia as he starts to believe that an insidious evil may have infiltrated his life. … Continue reading

The Cleansing Hour (2016) Short Film Review

tch1The Cleansing Hour (Short 2016)

Director: Damien LeVeck
Writer: Aaron Horwitz
Stars: Sam Jaeger, Heather Morris, Neil Grayston
Runtime: 19min

Synopsis (from iMDb): “Two failed filmmakers have found success running a webcast that streams LIVE exorcisms. However, every episode is an elaborately staged hoax, created to dupe their global audience.”

The Cleansing Hour is a brief horror comedy that will surely wet your appitite for more. Following a production team as they set up for the next episode of their now world acclaimed web series “The

Cleasning Hour” where exorcisms are performed by the big headed Father Lance (Sam Jaeger), a man who its hard to tell whether he is actually a priest along for the ride or an actor loving the new found fame of the series, he must keep up appearances for the show if recognised in public.

He isn’t all too pleased that Drew (Neil Grayston) the production guy has brought in a new sound guy (Jonny Radtke). Tonight’s subject is a familiar face for those of you who have watched the hit TV shot Glee, Heather (Heather Morris) she … Continue reading

Win an Exclusive CELL Limited Edition Merch Bundle !!

UK Horror Scene are pleased to offer UK readers the chance to an amazing CELL limited edition merch bundle !!

cell-stephen-king-bundleTo coincide with the Blu-ray, DVD & Digital release of terrifying Stephen King adaptation Cell, starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson, we have one very exclusive merch bundle up for grabs including a Cell DVD, limited Headshot Clothing designed t-shirt, iPhone case and paperback of the hit novel upon which the movie is based! Get ready to fear your phone…

Signature Entertainment Releases CELL on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital from October 17th, 2016

When an electronic signal is broadcast across mobile networks worldwide, cell phone users are instantly and dangerously re-programmed into rabid killers.

Heading north through New England to find his estranged wife and son, Clay Riddell (John Cusack: 1408, High Fidelity) is joined by a group of survivors to battle the horde of murderous “phoners” as their world descends into madness. Based on Stephen King’s best-selling apocalyptic novel of the same name, CELL is from the director of Paranormal Activity 2 and also stars Samuel L. Jackson … Continue reading

The Eyes of My Mother (2016) Review

eomm1The Eyes of My Mother (USA, 2016)
Dir: Nicholas Pesce
Starring: Kika Magalhaes, Will Brill, Diana Agostini

In UK Cinemas early 2017

Plot: As a young girl, Francisca witnesses the murder of her mother (Agostini) at the hands of a home invader, Charlie (Brill). Her father beats Charlie but Francisca secretly cares for him in the barn. Now a woman, Francisca (Magalhaes) lives in fear of the isolation her rural upbringing has left her in as her father dies. Praying to her mother for guidance leads her down a trail of murder, corpse defilement and surgical alterations.

The directorial debut for writer/director, Nicholas Pesce, The Eyes of My Mother shows that Pesce is a name to remember. A moody and often brutal tale of loneliness. It’s a story that reminds me of the famous killer, Ed Gein, a man who has inspired his fair share of films including Psycho, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The murderous, corpse-bothering ways of Francisca definitely draw a comparison to the Wisconsinite killer. Both also share a deep attachment to their mothers and an isolated … Continue reading

Observance (2015) DVD Review

observance1OBSERVANCE (2015)

Director: Joseph Sims-Dennett
Cast: Lindsay Farris, Stephanie King
Running time: 90 minutes
Out now on Soda Pictures DVD

Observance played the festival circuit over a year ago and had a limited release in its native Australia in early 2016. It recently played at Grimmfest 2016 and is now making its home entertainment debut on DVD in the UK, which feels like its natural home.

Following the death of his son and subsequent estrangement from his wife, private investigator Parker (Lindsay Farris) is facing bankruptcy so he takes a job watching a young woman. Told by his employer that it is easy money, he holes himself up in an abandoned tenement building opposite her flat, however the purpose of the investigation remains a mystery and something may be lurking in the flat with him. Dreams of his dead son and strange goings on inside the building suggest Parker may be slowly losing his mind, or is he?

observance2Joseph Sims-Dennett’s latest … Continue reading