Digging Up The Marrow (2014) Review

FF bannerMarrow_poster[1]Digging Up The Marrow (2014)

Dir: Adam Green

Written By: Adam Green

Starring: Adam Green, Ray Wise, Will Barratt

98 mins.

UK release: Frightfest 2014

While filming a documentary about monsters, filmmaker Adam Green is contacted by an ex-police officer who believes he has found the entrance to their underground world.

Digging Up The Marrow has no trailer, no teasers, and barely a poster to signal its existence. And that is exactly how writer-director Adam Green wants to present it to you.

Inspired by the true story of a fan that contacted Green and informed him that Victor Crowley is real and he’d got his story all wrong, the film took four years to complete and is, by all accounts, a labour of love. It’s also one of the most remarkable, modern horror movies you’re likely to see.

Filmed in the style of a documentary – it’s more of a mockumentary even though, as Green argues, it isn’t exactly Spinal Tap – Marrow follows the man himself, along with his buddy Will Barratt, as they embark upon … Continue reading

88 Films Announce THREE New Tasty Italian Treats !!




italian88Horror has a home at 88 Films. This is why we launched our ‘Slasher Classics Collection’ and our ’88 Italian’ lines – to make sure that shock-cinema buffs could anticipate some masterfully macabre motion picture pot-boilers filleting their way onto UK BluRay in genre-specific packaging. And we are thrilled, following our announcement of ZOMBI HOLOCAUST and BURIAL GROUND, to confirm that 88 Italian just gets bigger and better with the acquisition of a trio of fresh fear-flick favourites!

Originally banned in the UK as a ‘video nasty’, under its VHS-era title of DON’T RIDE ON LATE NIGHT TRAINS, this tense thriller is a malevolent mix of hair-raising Hitchcockian suspense and contemporary splatter movie shocks. Released in 1975 to a suitably disorientated audience, NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS tells of two young female travellers, including Irene Miracle from INFERNO, who are kidnapped and tormented by a gang of thugs (led by an older matriarch with murderous desires). Indeed, the horror and … Continue reading

The Haunting of Crestview High (2012) DVD Review

crestviewcoverThe Haunting of Crestview High aka Bad Kids Go To Hell (2012)

Directed by: Matthew Spradlin

Written by: Matthew Spradlin, Barry Wernick

Starring: Cameron Deane Stewart, Augie Duke, Ali Faulkner, Roger Edwards, Amanda Alch, Marc Donato, Ben Browder, Judd Nelson

Out now in UK from 101 Films

Running time: 92 minutes

For those among you who don’t already know, ‘The Haunting of Crestview High’ was first released two years ago under the title ‘Bad Kids Go To Hell’. It was only available in the US and the Philippines. Incidentally, the Asian title was ‘Swagger Academy’. Hilarious.

Now this delay, and the change in title, really confused me at first. If you made a film, why would you wait two years for an international release? If you change the title, aren’t you just hurting the publicity? After watching it, I can tell you why. If I made this film, I’d want it to get as little airtime as possible.

The plot focuses on a highschool weekend where six teenagers are being held in detention for a series of as-yet-unexplained misdemeanours. They are Gothy, Nerdy, Sporty, Princess, Preppy and the Bad Boy. Yep, it … Continue reading

Voyag3r release new video – Il Guanto Nero – watch here !

voyag3r-doomfortress“Il Guanto Nero”, the new video from Voyag3r ( pronounced Voyager 3) – the horror/sci-fi/action soundtrack synth rock band from Detroit – can be seen below.

The video was shot, edited and directed by the bands synthesist, Steve Greene.

“Il Guanto Nero” is taken from Voyag3r’s debut album, DOOM FORTRESS, which was released on August 26, 2014. The CD and limited edition Cassette of Doom Fortress was released on the bands own label, Battle Chamber Music, LLC, and a deluxe, limited edition gold vinyl and standard black vinyl version were released via Bellyache Records (Ryan Roxie, Nice Hooves, Slasher Dave). The Gold edition sold out on pre-order. Shortly after its release, Death Waltz Records picked up Doom Fortress for distribution in the UK and Light in the Attic Records quickly followed for the USA. The vinyl version is now completely sold out and a 2nd pressing is scheduled for release on December 9, 2014 in limited edition purple vinyl and standard black. Both versions will come with a 12″ x 12″ art print and digital download code. Pre-orders are now live at www.bellyacherecords.com and the CD is available directly from the band at www.voyag3r.com

“The … Continue reading

The Signal (2014) Review

FF bannerSignal_poster[1]The Signal (2014)

Dir: William Eubank
Written By: Carlyle Eubank, William Eubank, David Frigerio
Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Brenthon Thwaites, Olivia Cooke, Beau Knapp

97 mins.

UK release: Frightfest 2014 (13 February 2015 nationwide)

After following a hacker to an isolated location, a trio of friends awaken to find themselves captured by a mysterious organisation, and their bids to escape are sadly futile.

Ending Frightfest on a sci-fi note was a risky decision, as the organisers themselves sheepishly admitted on closing night. On the one hand, the film in question could be the new Alien, in which case the fans would eat it up. On the other, it could be The Signal.

To be fair, there is a lot to like about the film, the latest from writer-director William Eubank, and his second voyage into the world of sci-fi. It’s just not really the best note on which to end Frighfest. Eubank, who has worked mainly as a cinematographer, has utilised his background knowledge to ensure The Signal looks absolutely stunning and the opening moments, in particular, capture the vast landscape of … Continue reading

Win 2 Tickets for The Nightmare Before Christmas – 11th December Odeon Printworks, Manchester


grimmburtonThis winter our great mates at Grimm Up North present a season of films from the master of quirky gGothiccinema, TIM BURTON! This season will run at Odeon Printworks Manchester from 11th December with a very special Christmas screening of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS through to February 12th ending with Burton’s original and arguably best vision of the dark knight of Gotham with BATMAN.

UKHS are very pleased to have a pair of tickets to give away for The Nightmare Before Christmas screening on 11th December to a lucky competition winner.

To be in with a chance of winning just send an email with your name to competition@ukhorrorscene.com with NIGHTMARE in the header. The competition will run until November 3oth .And remember the screening is in Manchester on Thursday 11th December.



“This film follows the story about an undead skeleton Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, who lives in Halloweentown. He is thought to be the scariest being in the entire world. One day he goes through a door in a tree and arrives in … Continue reading

Starblood by Carmilla Voiez – Book Review

starblood1Starblood by Carmilla Voiez – Book Review

H.P. Lovecraft once wrote “There are black zones of shadow close to our daily paths, and now and then some evil soul breaks a passage through. When that happens, the man who knows must strike before reckoning the consequences.” Wise words for any protagonist in a horror story. Even more so if you happen to be the very reason the evil has entered our world in the first place, as happens to the hero of Carmilla Voiez’s new novel Starblood.

Nursing a broken heart, Steve (or Satori as he likes to be known) decides to grab a few occult books and get in touch with his inner Alastair Crowley. You just know that’s going to end well, and it’s to no one’s surprise when things all goes to hell. Literally in this case, as Steve manages to bring into the World the demon mistress Lilith. Like a Foo Fighters fan walking into a Converge gig, Steve is a tad out of his depth. A binding spell completely fails, leaving Lilith free to menace the outside world. Stopping her will prove no easy task for our … Continue reading

An Interview with Emilie Flory by Dean Sills

ef3An Interview with Emilie Flory by Dean Sills

Bonjour Emilie, thank you for your time and welcome to UK Horror Scene.

UKHS – When did you first discover your passion for filmmaking, writing and acting and which job do you enjoy doing the most?

EF – As a child I wrote and drew a lot, I was fascinated by genre films and enrolled in a theatre to overcome my timidity. My father was a weapons engineer who helped make movies about submarines and that had a great
effect on me. I have a fairly active imagination; I like dreams… That was back when ‘ Star Wars’ came out. I saw it at an outdoor theater in Saint-Tropez when I was seven. It made such an impact on me that the only dream I’ve had since then was to direct. Writing has always been a major focal point, the centre of everything. To me, directing is an extension of writing. I can not dissociate them. Directing is also writing. Filmmaking includes writing and all forms of art to give us a specific work we call a movie. It’s magic.

As for acting… I practiced it for a long time since I was lousy at maths and because … Continue reading

The Toxic Avenger 2 (1989) Blu-Ray Review

toxie2-1The Toxic Avenger II (Blu-ray review, 1989)

Directors – Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz

Starring – Ron Fazio, John Altamura, Phpebe Legere, Mayako Katsuragi

Run Time – 96 minutes

Label – 88 Films


Toxie’s mean, green, and back on the screen! Melvin Junko was a nerdy 98lb weakling until he fell into a vat of toxic waste, turning him into the first ever superhuman superhero from New Jersey. This time the hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength takes on Tokyo. – 88 Films synopsis.

Lighter in tone than the original, if such a thing can be believed, ‘Toxie II’ is extremely daft, badly acted and full of cheap effects. A typical Troma studios pictures really, but one that was anticipated upon release in 1989. The original Toxic Avenger was quite a hit for such a low budget cheesy film and had developed a fanbase in the lead up to a sequel.

While Melvin felt compelled to fight bad guys in Toxie 1 due to his anti-bullying stance in this film the character has nothing to do. Literally, much of the film follows his exploits in Japan as he … Continue reading

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla (2013) Review



Dir: Stuart Simpson

Written: Addison Heath

Starring: Glenn Maynard, Kyrie Capri, Aston Elliot, Louise Bremner, Benjamin Grant Mitchell, Kristen Condon

Out now in UK on DVD & BluRay from Monster Pictures UK.

Saturday at Celluloid Screams got underway with this little oddity from Australia. After the Kiwi’s landed a solid hit the night before with the brilliant Housebound, it was time for their neighbours to have a go with this weird psycho-thriller. Following the life of down on his luck ice cream man Warren Thompson (Glenn Maynard) as he goes about his daily business and obsesses over a soap actress (Kyrie Capri) with whom he wishes to develop a relationship. As he works he witnesses the worst of society and he soon crosses into dark territory as his rage builds and his obsessions begin to take control of him.

A strange film, Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla has noble intentions and an extremely strong performance from Glenn Maynard at its centre, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark and begins to feel long and repetitive as it draws towards its conclusion. There … Continue reading