An Interview With Dominic Brunt by Dean Sills

db5An Interview With Dominic Brunt by Dean Sills

Dominic Brunt is best known for playing Paddy Kirk in ITV’s soap-opera Emmerdale but any true Horror fan will know him as a first-class horror filmmaker. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dominic at UKHS and here is his awesome interview.

UKHS – Hi Dominic, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us at UKHS. OK, let’s talk a little about your new movie ‘The Taking’. What inspired you to make a female revenge thriller instead of your usual horror and can you tell us a little about the story and the challenges you faced during the shoot?

DB – I love my horror but the older I get, the more I realise that more often than not, real life is much more horrific than fiction and humans can be far more cruel and terrifying in their behaviour than any monster.

I was very interested to see how far we could push someone’s selfish side to the point of sociopathy without conscience.

If you accept there is no such thing as “evil” or … Continue reading

SHE (short film 2014) – Review

FF bannershepicSHE (short) (2014)

Dir: Mark Vessey, Chelsey Burdon
Written By: Mark Vessey, Chelsey Burdon
Starring: Fiona Dourif, Philip James
15 mins.

UK release: Frightfest 2014

A woman trapped in an abusive relationship decides to take revenge on her lover, just in time for their anniversary celebrations.

Following a stunning, breakthrough performance in last year’s well-received Curse Of Chucky, alongside her father Brad, the talented Fiona Dourif further solidifies her burgeoning Scream Queen reputation in SHE, which premièred at Frightfest 2014, as a woman forced to turn to drastic measures in order to punish the man who has been abusing her.

Opening with a shot of a couple waking up in bed together – quickly followed by a well-judged, but still rough, rape sequence over some chopped carrots – Dourif’s beautifully pained face remains the focus of this nasty little short throughout. Clearly terrified of Philip James’s He, Dourif epitomises the idea of a trapped, hopeless victim, with a quickly shut door symbolising her lack of an escape.

However, … Continue reading

Stagefright (1987) Blu-Ray Review

SFSTAGEFRIGHT (1987) Blu-Ray review

Also known as StageFright: Aquarius, Deliria, Bloody Bird, Sound Stage Massacre

Directed by Michele Soavi
Written by Lew Cooper [George Eastman, aka Luigi Montefiori]
Starring Barbara Cupisti, David Brandon, Giovanni Lombardo Radice

RRP £17.99
BluRay Region B released by Exposure Cinema (Ltd to 3000)

Schlepping out now onto blu-ray, almost completely devoid of the kind of fanfare it deserves and very nearly lost amidst numerous release date changes, is StageFright; a rip-roaring Italian shocker and the first feature proper of Dario Argento protege Michele Soavi. Though Soavi would later go on to helm much more ambitious and more epically scoped projects like the Argento-presented The Church and The Sect, and the exquisite, Rupert Everett-starring Dellamorte Dellamore (aka Cemetery Man), it’s this lean and mean offering that is his crowning terror achievement.

Soavi’s StageFright producer, the late Aristide Massaccesi (or ‘Joe D’Amato’ to give the spaghetti schlock maven his better known alias), thought so too and cited Soavi’s subsequent work – somewhat harshly – as overblown and unfocused; a fact recounted by Alan Jones … Continue reading

Video Nasty by Mario Covone – A Graphic Novel Review

videonasty1‘Video Nasty’ Graphic Novel Review

Written by Mario Covone.

Artwork by Vasilis Logios

Cover Artwork by Graham Humphreys

Colours by Sam Palmer

Lettering by Foxrobot Studios

Design by Hal Laren

Video Nasty is a hardcover prestige collected edition of the 6 part comic-book series by writer Mario Covone. The story is based in early 80s Kettering, Northamptonshire, amidst the height of paranoia surrounding the farcical VHS Video Nasties debate of the time.

A grisly murder in the local park kicks things off and similar escalating horror leads Police Inspector David Gorely on a hunt for the killer. An interesting aspect of the story is that the stuffy Chief Inspector instructs Gorely to delve into what he sees as the grubby lurid world of gory VHS rentals in a bid to link the case to the trending controversy of the era.

Upon hitting a wall in the case Gorely is compelled to take a trip down the local VHS rental shop to do some hands-on research into the most controversial titles on offer. The biased reporting of the media involved also brings horror director Alan Derry to … Continue reading

London Horror Festival 2014 – ‘Faustus’ a Play by I’ll Be Right Back

faustusFaustus is a new production from theatre company I’ll Be Right Back, debuting at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden on the 29th, 30th and 31st October as part of the London Horror Festival 2014.

I’ll Be Right Back presents a story of murder and corruption. Faustus is a modern re-imagining of Christopher Marlowe’s classic tale.

I’ll Be Right Back is a new theatre company formed out of a love of the horror genre and a desire to make shocking and exciting theatrical experiences accessible to you, the general public.

Their first exciting production is an adaptation of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, which will première at this year’s London Horror Festival on 29-31st October 2014 at Camden’s Etcetera Theatre in London. They have been heavily inspired by the horror classic Hellraiser and the video game Silent Hill, and these influences will be brought to life through our sets and costume. If you would love to see a live production inspired by these influences, then this is the play for you!

The play is set against a bustling metropolis of a modern day city. The D.I.S. Corporation aims … Continue reading

Theatre of Fear aka The Midnight Horror Show (2014) DVD Review



Directed By: Andrew Jones

Written By: Andrew Jones

Starring: Jared Morgan, Lee Bane, Nathan Head, Sam Harding, Shireen Ashton

UK Certification: 15

RRP: £12.99

Running Time: 77 minutes

Distributor: 4 Digital

UK Release Date: 8th September 2014

Ever since the Wales based North Bank Entertainment burst onto the scene with Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection (James Plumb, 2012) I seem to have had a vested interest in them and the path that the company took – not least because my review of NOTLD:R [here] seemed to buck the trend of rabid hate for the film. The movie, which currently holds a 2.4 on IMDb – the same as the turgid Fat Slags (Ed Bye, 2004) I still consider to be a worthy, independently produced low budget homage to Romero’s 1968 classic. I’m in the minority though, as this trend of public disdain continued with The Amityville Asylum (Andrew Jones, 2013) [review here] and Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming (James … Continue reading

GRIMMFEST 2014 – The FULL Schedule !!

GRIMMFEST-2014-FB-HEADERThe GRIMMFEST 2014 – The Full Schedule 

So it is almost upon us. Yes Grimmfest 2014 is nearly here and hopefully here you will find everything you need to know about what is showing and who will be appearing. Grimmfest is definitely for the fans and not only is it rammed full of films , also you will find directors & stars mixing with everyone else and having a great time.

If you can’t make it then remember to check out the UKHS site, Facebook page and Twitter feed for live updates , news, reviews and interviews .

If you are going – see you at the bar !!

Tuesday 30th September – Preview Night – Printworks Manchester

anmoes7pm – 7.14pm Tasha and Friends (2013)

Local children’s TV host Tasha decides to shut the show down, her puppet co-stars however have other ideas.


7.14pm – 8.45pm A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) 30th Anniversary Screening

Freddy Kruger’s original adventure in scream queen suburbia returns to the big screen for this special 30th … Continue reading

Geoff Klein & Melissa Mira Interview by Damien Colletti

GQ for the EventGeoff Klein and Melissa Mira Interview

Bio: Geoff Klein and Melissa Mira are a couple of talented filmmakers. Geoff wrote and directed the film Bikini Girls on Ice and his second film Pinup Dolls on Ice is currently hitting the festival circuit as we speak and with much success. The film has been screened all over the world and has multiple wins and nominations under its belt already. Melissa stars in Pinup Dolls on Ice as well as co-directing and co-producing the film with Geoff.

1. Melissa how did you two meet? Was it film related?

Melissa: Good question! Geoff and I met about twelve years ago when we were both working in retail – exciting stuff! Geoff was the stock boy in a boutique downtown Montreal and I got hired as a sales girl. We were both coming out of relationships, so we didn’t hit it off romantically right away, but we got along right off the bat and we became close friends. We went to the movies together quite often (one of the first movies we ever saw together was Once … Continue reading

Ghostline (2015) Review

ghostline-movie-poster-thumbGhostline (2015) Review

Dir. Dean Whitney

85 mins

Starring: Rachel Alig, Zack Gold, Burt Culver, Mark Benjamin, Pia Thrasher and Raquel Elizabeth Ames.

‘Ghostline’ is a supernatural thriller/horror feature written and directed by Dean Whitney (who I interviewed HERE). The story begins 8 years ago when we see a body being buried out in the countryside on a dark lonely night. Quickly moving from the past to the present we follow a young couple in their car making their way to their new home, along with the titles and a nice title song called ‘Trouble On The Line’ sung by The Hitman Blues Band.

The young couple, Chelsea Watkins (Rachel Alig) and Tyler Jantzen (Zack Gold) are struggling actors hoping to make a new start in their new home but after installing a recycled landline things take a very terrifying and unpredictable turn for them when they begin to receive menacing phone calls from a seemingly unstable woman who insists that Tyler’s her ex-boyfriend. The couple report this to the phone company who inform them that the calls are coming … Continue reading

The GoatMan – lost 1974 horror soundtrack, now available!

goatman3The GoatMan

In summer of 2013 two horror movie fanatics, Rob and Septic, met at a horror movie convention in London. They clicked immediately, both of them being fans of Amicus era anthology horrors and movies such as Psychomania and the Wicker Man.

Rob and Septic were really excited when they both remembered a lost and virtually unknown occult horror movie from 1974 called The Goat Man.

They remembered being horrified by this movie as kids. The film was a rural folk horror tale centred around a newlywed couple who had moved to the countryside. Amidst a backdrop of a blissful English summer, the movie was a surreal nightmare full of dream sequences, hallucinogenic effects and supernatural occurences, which many maintain carried over into reality. Indeed there are few survivors from cast and crew, and those who did survive never talk about it.

goatman1Unable to contain their curiosity, Rob and Septic have been scouring the web for evidence of this film which no one believes really exists. They have come up against … Continue reading