The Devil’s Woods (2015) Review

devilswoods1The Devil’s Woods (2015)

Director: Anthony White

Starring: Stephen Cromwell, Aoife King, Daniel Mahoney, Caoimhe Cassidy

UK Release – TBC but coming soon!!

It occurred to me while watching Anthony White’s The Devil’s Woods that independent movies – particularly horrors – are often far more enjoyable, original and creative than the mainstream blockbusters. Where we could predict every move, jump, scare and ending in most modern big-namers like the Poltergeist and Friday the 13th remakes, the independent film crews know they have much more to prove, and so seem to work that much harder at what they do. It is just a shame that all the money seems to be thrown at those big titles doomed to be forgotten, when there are such remarkable projects out there in need of funding.

devilswoods2In spite of its evidently minimal budget, The Devil’s Woods it is an expertly crafted movie. It is easy to get bored of the ‘woods’ horrors, but this Irish new release is refreshing and engaging, and clearly a labour of love. It follows four friends, all of whom are having some … Continue reading

Dark Web: Steven Hickey’s Essential Guide To Creepypasta – Part 5: Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv




In last week’s feature in this ongoing series of Creepypasta articles, I looked at mythical videogame Polybius, which was said to have a terrible psychological effect on those who played it.

Of course, Polybius is not the only piece of media in Creepypasta said to cause an adverse reaction in those who gaze upon it. There are any number of supposedly cursed videos or stills online, but one of the most widespread (and said to cause the most freaky results) was that of the curiously monickered Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv.

On 18 April 2008, a bizarre 20 second long video was uploaded to YouTube by user erwilzei ( The clip consisted of oversaturated, colour-filtered footage of a man staring intensely into the camera, before grinning briefly at the end of the clip. The unsettling nature of the video saw it spread quickly, downloaded, then reuploaded over and over again. It was one of these uploads to which the following body of Creepypasta text was attached.

“There is a video on YouTube named Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv. … Continue reading

The Scopia Effect (2014) Review

scopia1The Scopia Effect (2014)

Writer & Director: Christopher Butler

Runtime: 130min

Starring: Joanna Ignaczewska, Louis Labovitch, Akira Koieyama

DVD Release: 15th February 2016

Synopsis (from IMBd): “Reincarnation goes horribly wrong releasing dark forces across time. Basia accesses parts of her mind that should never be tampered with. Past lives merge with present as her reality becomes distorted, she fights for her very existence.”

A cinematic debut for writer/director Christopher Butler, with The Scopia Effect (TSE), one would hope the best for him. TSE is a film you really want to be enjoyable, given the premise of the plot. I was expecting the horror equivalent of Cloud Atlas (2012), which to some extent this was delivered on.

scopia2We are introduced to Basia (Joanna Ignaczewska), a young professional living alone in the suburbs. We soon find out that is seeking psychiatric hypnotherapy in an attempt to rid herself of the grief and despair she is feeling after the death of her mother, her best friend. This remedy she is seeking turns out to be far more sinister, opening up a wave of past and … Continue reading

Shopping Tour (2012) Review

shoppingtour1SHOPPING TOUR (Russia/Finland, 2012)

Dir- Mihail Brashinsky

Starring- Tatyana Kolganova, Timofey Yeletskiy, Tatjana Riabokon

UK Release – DVD out now from Terracotta/Sharp Teeth Films

Where off to Russia for a take on the found footage genre, in Mihail Brashinsky’s SHOPPING TOUR, which has a group of bargain hunting tourists finding more than just cheap and decent goods at a low Euro rate when they venture across border into Finland. One of the brand new releases form new genre releasing company on the block, Sharp Teeth Film, is at times typical found footage fare, that can surprise, at least keep you entertained but equally drive you mad at some characters insistence to keep filming even if people are in trouble, with that oft quoted line of “we need to film everything, people need to see this!” which is more or less a cue to keep the camera on the action cause if you or me where in any situation like the characters in this film, we would drop camera, run, find the nearest way out or safety point or arm ourselves with whatever we have at hand. But then that’s what found … Continue reading

UK Horror Scene Frightsight – Hanging With… Emma Dark

seizethenightHanging With…Emma Dark

Welcome to a new series of video interviews as UKHS writer Tony Sands and his crew hang with talented British folk from across the horror spectrum. They will be bringing a number of interviews across 2016 that will hopefully give you an insight into the UK indie horror scene and you will hear just what it takes to get a project to fruition.

Emma Dark enters The Room to join The UKHS Crew for a chat about her short film ‘Seize The Night’, which she starred in, directed and produced along with having a hand in the writing of. Emma tells us about her experience in making the film, her journey into horror and what she has planned next. We discuss sequels, singing, fangs and make-up. What more could a horror film lover want? Enjoy!!

Metrodome Announces 28th March Home Ent Release Date for MAN VS





Doug Woods isn’t afraid of the wilderness. Or the dark. Or the cold. Or of snakes, sharks, bears or wolves. He knows which cactus contains water, which mushrooms won’t kill you and can always tell you where due North is. Doug is a professional. A professional survivor. As host of his own hit TV series, “MAN VS”, Doug gets dropped off in remote wilderness locations and is forced to fend for himself for five full days. With no crew, food or water, Doug must film his entire experience with the several cameras he carries on his back. When Doug is dropped off in remote woods of the Canadian Shield, he’s confident he has all the skills necessary to survive the week alone.

But when strange things start happening in the forest, Doug realizes he’s not the only one out there. At first he assumes it’s an animal that’s stealing his food and knocking over his cameras. Then … Continue reading

Tales That Witness Madness (1973) Hits UK DVD & Blu-Ray 29th Feb 2016


Tales That Witness Madness (1973) Hits UK DVD & Blu-Ray 29th Feb 2016 from Fabulous Films

Stroll down the corridors of a mental asylum, where your mind won’t believe what your eyes see. In the tradition of Tales From The Crypt and Creepshow this anthology of pulp horror tales is helmed by the ever-reliable horror master Freddie Francis (Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors).

Freddie Francis won numerous awards throughout his career including two Oscars, in 1961 for Best Cinematography for Sons and Lovers and then in 1990 for Glory. He also won five British Society of Cinematographers awards and various Lifetime Achievement Awards. He started directing in 1962, particularly for Hammer and Amicus where he became a respected director of horror and science fiction. He accepted many assignments to make a name for himself, but regretted this later when he became typecast in the genre.

ttwm1The all-star cast includes Donald Pleasence (Halloween, Blofeld in You Only Twice, The Great Escape), Joan Collins (Dynasty), Kim Novak (Vertigo) and Jack Hawkins (Theatre of Blood, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Zulu)

Jack Hawkins … Continue reading

Alienate hits UK DVD on Monday 22nd Feb 2016

Alienate_DVD_3D_Packshot_xAturBiFirst contact could be our last!

Alienate On DVD from Monday 22nd Feb. 2016.

With big action and even bigger ideas, Alienate is stacked from start to finish with thrilling suspense that will have you dusting off your copies of Independence Day and X-Files to ask yourself the all time important question, do you believe…?

Alienate continues in the footsteps of modern sci-fi action classics Monsters and Cloverfield to explore exciting new territory for the genre.

Blake Webb (The Divergent Series: Allegiant, American Horror Story)
Tatum Langton (Grey’s Anatomy)

Directed by Michael Shumway (feature film directorial début)

David leaves home for a business trip. When aeroplanes start mysteriously falling out of the sky and cell towers fail, he finds himself trapped. With the Earth falling to an alien invasion, David fights to return to whatever is left of his home and marriage.

Blending the suspense of Monsters with the intelligent action assault of Independence Day, Alienate is a unique modern genre must-see that firmly places début feature director.


Distributor Altitude Film
Continue reading

First Teaser Released for You’re Gonna Die Tonight

ygdn1Here is the first, and shocking, teaser for Sergio Morcillo’s (Metamorphose) latest short film, You’re Gonna Die Tonight.

Presented by Miguel Ángel Vivas, director of the recent snow-set zombie chiller Extinction , which starred Matthew Fox and Jeffrey Donovan, You’re Gonna Die Tonight is penned by Álvaro Fuentes, inspired by an original concept from the clearly tormented-but-talented minds of Morcillo and Ismael de las Heras. The short promises a fresh spin on slasher tropes whilst injecting a ’70s giallo vibe, oozing with eroticism.

If that’s not enticing enough for you, then the biggest selling point, for me at least, is the effects team involved, Inside FX, previously responsible for that rather epic little zombie franchise most of you will likely have heard of… [REC].

Boasting an almighty ensemble cast of household names in Spain, including Mónica Aragón, Antonio Zancada, and Rafa Casette, and produced under the Terror Club and Fonofox banners, this first sneak peek has me convinced this one will be frequenting a plethora of festivals this year…


Burning by Joan De La Haye – Book Review

final-coverBurning by Joan De La Haye – Book Review

Out from Fox Spirit Books NOW –

I love discovering new writers online, especially ones from other countries. It’s interesting to see what they bring to the horror genre, so I’m always keen to check out work like this twisted offering from South Africa. While authors like Lauren Beukes and Sarah Holt have been lucky enough to secure international distribution, there’s not much call for genre fiction in their country, which means indie writers such as Joan De La Haye rely on small publishers to get the word out there. And it’s a word that’s worth seeking out.

(Side note: There’s an interesting link on Joan’s blog about the South African horror scene which mentions a whole bunch of other local authors; see below)

Now, the blurb for this standalone novella may make it sound like a paranormal romance, but romantic it ain’t. Beginning with an ending, the story pitches you around like a boat seemingly lost at sea. It starts out like an adult spin on The Craft before lurching into what seems like romantic territory. At this point, I … Continue reading