October on UKHS… 31 Days of Horror !

HalloweenOctober on UKHS… 31 Days of Horror!

Tomorrow, be sure to join UK Horror Scene as we kick off our special Halloween season with 31 DAYS OF HORROR; your bitesized daily guide to the movies that we think you scare lovers should be checking out this month. With everything from the Samhain essentials like Halloween and Trick’r Treat, to some lesser known curios, we’ve handpicked a diverse selection of our favourite festive fright flicks for you guys to devour.

And, hopefully, you’ll gorge on them with us too: Are you watching it? Do you agree with what we say? Or are you damned opposed to every word we’ve wrote? Heck, are you just screening any old shocker in general?! Then please, let us know and we’ll talk some terror together on Twitter. Simply tag us @UKHorrorScene or use #UKHS31.

Oh, and one more thing: Keep your eyes peeled for some very cool live tweet-alongs of a couple of our selections too. The schedule will be up real soon…

Let the party begin…

Dario Argento’s Dracula (2012) DVD Review

DRACULA 001Dario Argento’s DRACULA (2012) DVD

Directed By: Dario Argento

Written By: Dario Argento, Enrique Cerezo, Stefano Piani, Antonio Tentori

Starring: Asia Argento, Thomas Kretschmann, Marta Gastini, Rutger Hauer

UK Certification: 18

RRP: £12.99

Running Time: 105 minutes

Distributor: Spirit Entertainment

UK Release Date: 29th September 2014

Mentioning Dario Argento’s output in the 21st century elicits a kind of gnarly reaction of repulsion that you’d expect if you told someone you just defecated on their lawn. Leaving the overlooked Sleepless (2001) out of the equation, Argento’s quartet of misfires that took in The Card Player (2004), Do You Like Hitchcock? (2005), Mother of Tears (2007) and Giallo (2009) are quite a saddening fall from his peak for the man that is undoubtedly the master of Italian genre cinema – just slightly ahead of Bava and a short length in front of Fulci.

It’s a weary heart that sees me rip the shrink-wrap off his latest directorial outing – Dracula. Taking two years to find a home in the UK home entertainment market, it’s taking its bow with a very muffled fanfare. Indeed, an absence of press … Continue reading

Arrow announce global Blu-Ray Première of Cronenberg’s SHIVERS (1975)


shivers4At its most obvious level — the raw, startling and shocking imagery — [Shivers] has never been bettered, not even by the director. It is at this level of outrageous imagery that the film first assaults any viewer. One experiences a tremulous sensation that suggests one might have witnessed the end of the unconscious. There it seems to be, thrown up on the screen in all its truly perverse and initially repulsive splendour, unmasked and unashamed. Shivers was beyond one’s worse fears of repressed forces, desires and twisted sexual fantasies. It was then, and remains, an unforgettable experience. It inevitably opened the floodgates of disgust and outrage — purely at the image level.
Cronenberg on Cronenberg, first published in 1992 by Faber and Faber Limited

Arrow Video is thrilled to announce the release of David Cronenberg’s debut 1975 feature Shivers, one of … Continue reading

Info & Red Band Trailer For New Mixed Martial Arts Film BRUTAL .

brutal1A mixed martial arts action-adventure, BRUTAL is helmed by writer/director Donald Lawrence Flaherty. The film feature fight sequences created by two of Hollywood’s top stunt performers Colin Follenweider and Christ Torres.

Starring Morgan Benoit (THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM), David Mattey (HANCOCK) and Stacy Jorgensen (GREY SKIES), BRUTAL is also the feature film début for former All-American and New York Giants offensive lineman Jeff Hatch.


BRUTAL centres on Trevor (Morgan Benoit), abducted from his backyard at the age of fifteen by an unseen alien presence. Forced into nearly two decades of no-holds-barred fights against other abductees inside an unearthly mixed martial arts arena, Trevor has evolved from an innocent boy into a brutal fighting machine. Derek, (Jeff Hatch) an ambulance chasing lawyer, is the latest lab-rat abductee forced to fight Trevor. As the two men exchange ever-increasing beating over the course of weeks and months, the brutality of their existence and the true nature of their humanity is slowly revealed. With elements of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and THE PRISONER, BRUTAL explores through science fiction, allegory and psychological drama, man’s violent nature and our propensity to commit unthinkable acts of violence against each other. Yet through this prism of brutality our capacity to love … Continue reading

Batman finally returns to TV! Details and Trailer here!

Gotham - The Good, The Evil, The BeginningBatman finally returns to TV! Details and Trailer here!

It might not be the same Bat-time, or Bat-channel, but we finally get a new Batman TV series called “Gotham” which looks great! Batman has come a long way since the hit TV series “Batman” of the 1960s which starred Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin. That show also had special appearances by legendary horror icon Vincent Price playing Egghead and iconic martial arts star Bruce Lee as Kato. The show was very popular with die hard Batman fans. With so much success from DC Comic TV shows “Smallville”, “Arrow”, and the “Dark Knight” films it was just a matter of time before we finally got a Batman show back on TV!

Gotham TV Show - Cast PhotoBrought to us by the FOX Network, this Batman series has a twist to it. We still have Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and some of Gotham’s deadest villains in: The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), The Riddler … Continue reading

The Visitor (1979) on UK Blu-Ray & DVD from Arrow Films on October 6th

visitor1The Visitor (1979) from Arrow Films


Arrow Video is thrilled to announce the release of the 1979 B-movie sci-fi/horror mash-up The Visitor, available on Blu-ray & DVD from 6th October. A bizarre blend of The Exorcist, The Omen and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Visitor was criticised and humorously dubbed ‘a turkey made of cement’, yet it has recently gone on to become something of a cult classic in its own right.

The Visitor is the ultimate experience in B-movie madness from Ovidio G. Assonitis, producer extraordinaire and director of such deliciously guilty pleasures as Beyond the Door and Tentacles. Described by various sources as “one of the most mind-altering cinematic experiences of the 1970s” and “the Mount Everest of insane ‘70s Italian movies”, The Visitor brings together an astonishing ensemble cast (Lance Henriksen, Shelley Winters and Mel Ferrer to name but a few) in a hallucinatory intergalactic tale of a demonic little girl and her pet hawk. In the words of one astute reviewer, The Visitor is “the most fun you … Continue reading

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 40th Anniversary UK Steelbook & Blu-Ray out November 17th

texas_STEELBOOK_3Dhighres“The most purely horrifying horror movie ever made. Genuinely disturbing, even now”

“Chainsaw-wielding Leatherface remains one of the most disturbing characters in horror”
The Independent

“This 40th Anniversary restoration is absolutely the best the film has ever looked”
Tobe Hooper

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre not only changed the face of horror in 1974 but still remains one of the most shocking, powerful and terrifying films ever made. Now to celebrate its 40th Anniversary, a brand new restored version comes to Blu-ray courtesy of Second Sight.

Widely banned on release, its notoriety has not diminished and this harrowing tale of a depraved Texan clan and its chain-saw-wielding icon of horror Leatherface continues to stun and disturb audiences like no other film.

Supervised by director Tobe Hooper, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has received a stunning 4K restoration and 7.1 audio mix, looking and sounding like never before. The film will be released as a two-disc limited edition Steelbook blu-ray with brand new artwork created by Doaly and stacked with brand new bonus features, a standard two-disc Blu-ray, with reversible sleeve featuring the new artwork and the original U.S. poster artwork will also be available, on 17 November … Continue reading

R100 (2013) Review

R1R100 (2013)

Dir: Hitoshi Matsumoto

Written by: Hitoshi Matsumoto, Mitsuyoshi Takasu, Tomoji Hasegawa, Koji Ema, Mitsuru Kuramoto

Starring: Nao Omori, Lindsay Hayward, Mao Daichi, Hairi Katagiri, Gin Maeda

Running Time – 100 mins.

UK Première: Frightfest 2014

Average man, Takafumi ,(Omori) joins a mysterious society that consists entirely of women in bondage clothing who specialise in sexual humiliation. The society has a strict rule of a one year membership and no cancellations, under any circumstances.

Japanese cinema is often readily identified as being somewhat of an acquired taste. When they turn their hand to horror, often the gore is taken to beyond extreme levels. When they do comedy, a great deal of the humour runs the risk of being lost in translation due to their renowned eccentricities. Many Japanese films can be described more as mood pieces with less attention paid to a flowing narrative and a greater emphasis on total reckless abandon of throwing hundreds of ideas at the wall just to see if anything sticks. This brings things neatly to the absurdist majesty of R100.

Much like the classically demented Hausu, the film is … Continue reading

Preservation (2014) Review

Pres1Preservation (2014)

Dir: Christopher Denham

Written by: Christopher Denham

Starring: Wrenn Schmidt, Pablo Schreiber, Aaron Staton

Running Time – 90 mins.

UK Premiere: Frightfest 2014

A family on a hunting trip in the woods wake up in the morning to discover their tent and all their camping gear missing. In the harsh wilderness, the family soon realise that the X on each of their foreheads represent that the hunters have become the hunted…

Actor turned director, Christopher Denham’s sophomore effort follows what appears to be quite an unremarkable family who suddenly find themselves thrown into a life or death situation. Whilst it does very little to reinvent the wheel, it is worth highlighting the undeniable talent that shines through.

The majority of the film is restricted to its three principle actors, with two brothers in Sean (Schreiber) and Mike (Staton) with Mike’s wife, Wit (Schmidt). The rapport and interaction between them feels genuine and like a real living family. This, unfortunately, makes their clunky dialogue that much more of a let-down. Revealing necessary bits of exposition, such as Sean’s discharge from the military, through the use … Continue reading

Stage Fright (2014) Review

FF bannerStage Fright posterStage Fright (2014)

Dir: Jerome Sable
Written By: Jerome Sable
Starring: Meat Loaf, Minnie Driver, Allie MacDonald, Douglas Smith
89 mins.

UK release: Frightfest 2014

A masked killer – who totally hates musical theatre – terrorises a summer camp full of born-for-the-stage young hopefuls, all of whom find themselves singing and dancing to their deaths. Literally.

Marketing a film as the new Rocky Horror is a bold move, but with Meat Loaf in a starring role and an opening number utilising the refrain “I’m gay, I’m gay, but not in that way”, it’s difficult not to appreciate Stage Fright in much the same way that Richard O’Brien’s lauded cult classic is so beloved twenty years later. Whether the audience is there for it, in the year 2034, is another story.

The carnage begins on the set of The Haunting Of The Opera, a sort of slasher take on The Phantom Of The Opera, with Minnie Driver’s diva Kylie in the lead role. As her daughter belts … Continue reading