An Interview with Becca Talulah by Dean Sills

bt1An Interview with Becca Talulah by Dean Sills

UKHS – Thank you for your time and welcome to UK Horror Scene. Can you please tell us a little about yourself and how did you get into acting?

BT – Hi, thank you very much for having me! Well I’ve been a huge fan of film ever since I can remember! Especially the horrors! After I left school I knew I wanted to work in the industry so I studied film for a few years at University, I enjoyed it but to be honest I was becoming more and more drawn towards the performance side! I have such a drive for creativity that it was becoming quite frustrating as I felt I was on the wrong side of the tracks! Though luckily enough I got given a fantastic opportunity to work with Mycho on their feature film ‘Legacy of Thorn’ it was only a very small role but I absolutely loved my time on set and straight after I was out looking for my next project, acting became an addiction really.


UKHS – You have worked on a number of short films including ‘We Never Lose Our … Continue reading

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014) Review


Starring- Tobe Hooper, Dolph Lundgren, Richard Chamberlain, Franco Nero, Bo Derek, Pete Walker, Alex Winter.

Cast your mind back to the 80’s and in some way or form you may remember Cannon Films. I specifically recall them from my childhood, as they used to be the owners or rather the name of our local two screen cinema, in my hometown in Southport, where I saw many films, particularly MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (which was made by Cannon and is featured in this documentary). If it wasn’t cinema chains that they were owning, or studios that they were buying, Cannon were one of the strongest and most recognisable film companies in the 80’s and their mere name or mention of it does bring up images of 80’s cinema. Going forward and after already doing two superb documentary’s on genre cinema from around the world, NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD, which focused on Australian exploitation cinema, and MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASED, which looked at the burgeoning genre film making in the Philippines in the 70’s, … Continue reading

Horror Channel Highlights for January 2015



Horror Channel to première Stephen Moyer’s DEVIL IN THE WOODS

Horror Channel’s highlights for January include the UK TV premiere of DEVIL IN THE WOODS, a brutish supernatural chiller starring Stephen Moyer (‘True Blood’) and directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III, IV, REPO! The Genetic Opera).

There is also a first-time TV showing for JULIA X, a disturbing serial-killer thriller starring Kevin (‘Hercules’) Sorbo and directed by P.J. Pettiette.

Plus there are three Network TV premières to usher in the new year on a bloody note: WRONG TURN 3: LEFT FOR DEAD and WRONG TURN 4: BLOODY BEGINNINGS both directed by Declan O’Brien, continues the globally successful cannibalistic franchise which started in 2003 and is still going strong, with ‘Wrong Turn 6′ screening at FrightFest 2014. Then there’s THE RATS. John Lafia’s gruesome vision of a rodent-invested New York City.

devilinthewoods-StephenMoyer-1Sat 24 Jan @ 21:00 – DEVIL IN THE WOODS (2012) * UK TV Première

‘True Blood’ star Stephen Moyer takes the lead in director Darren Lynn Bousman’s Jersey Devil-themed nightmare, playing Richard Vineyard, who eagerly takes his … Continue reading

James Simpson’s Christmas World of Horror: 36:15 Code Pere Noel (France, 1989)

3615 1James Simpson’s Christmas World of Horror: 36:15 Code Pere Noel (France, 1989)

Director: Rene Manzor
Starring: Patrick Floersheim, Alain Musy, Louis Ducreux

aka Deadly Games, Game Over

Language: French
Run time: 1 hour 28 minutes.

It’s Christmas and while horror fans watch festive favourites like Christmas Evil and Black Christmas, World of Horror went for a unique French seasonal offering…

Some claim this film ‘inspired’ Home Alone, which came out a year after 36:15. While the better known Home Alone does have elements of the French horror/slasher the idea this inspired a family friendly Hollywood popcorn movie is ludicrous. For a start, a dog isn’t kicked and stabbed to death in Home Alone, is it? The general concept of 36:15 (kid fleeing from, then fighting back against, a home invader) is the only thing that is noticeably lifted for Chris Columbus’ effort.

The French ‘version’ is much more graphic, dark and has aspects of the slasher sub-genre of horror. The above mentioned killing of a dog, around 30 minutes in, startlingly lets viewers know Thomas is in grave danger when the psycho Santa … Continue reading

UKHS Christmas Special: The Rachel Alig Interview by Dean Sills

ra2UKHS Christmas Special: The Rachel Alig Interview by Dean Sills

Christmas is almost here so it’s time for another Christmas special. Last Christmas we interviewed the lovely Tristan Risk and she really did bring joy to the world and made many UK horror fans feel more excited than a kid at Christmas. This year we have another stunning Santa baby, a real beauty and talented actress that yule all love! Please welcome Rachel Alig to UKHS.

UKHS – Hello Rachel , thank you for your time and welcome to UK Horror Scene. How did you get into acting and what is it about the horror genre that you enjoy so much?

RA – I got into acting by initially taking theatre classes as a child. From those classes, I fell in LOVE with performing and acting. I grew up in Northern Kentucky, so eventually I was signed with a talent agent in Cincinnati. My work started locally, and then began to expand to Chicago, Florida, and Atlanta. With that growth, I realized that I could make acting a profession.

I like the horror genre as an actor because I do find it challenging. Many of the situations that are written into … Continue reading

Stage Fright (2014) Review


Stage Fright posterStage Fright (2014)

Directed by: JEROME SABLE

Written by: JEROME SABLE

Starring: Meat Loaf, Minnie Driver, Allie MacDonald, Douglas Smith.

Running time: 98 Minutes

UK release: 26th JANUARY 2015 from Metrodome Distribution.

Please note this review does contain a few SPOILERS!!

High School Musical. Hannah Montana. Glee. I want to round up everyone involved in these shows and kill them in the most painful ways possible. Seriously. I’d take off Zac Efron’s face with a potato peeler. And a lot of you feel the same way, so that’s exactly what Jerome Sable has offered us in his 2014 feature début ‘Stage Fright’.

The film begins on a musical’s opening night; The Haunting of The Opera. It’s the story of a masked man who haunts a theatre and falls in love with one of the performers, with tragic consequences, so we immediately get the message. If you want subtlety and nuance then you’re in the wrong place.

Unfortunately, the on-stage performance of the leading lady (played by Minnie Driver) leads to her very real murder, meaning her two adorably creepy children are stuck in … Continue reading

An Interview with The Pyramid director Gregory Levasseur

pyra1An Interview with The Pyramid director Gregory Levasseur

1) When you first read the script which themes in particular made you want to create this film?

The idea of a survival picture taking place inside a pyramid immediately piqued my interest. The mystery around probing an ancient site was something I wanted to explore. Using elements like the hieroglyphs and Egyptian mythology to create a story filled with mystery and tension. Ancient Egypt is a great set up for stories and I was very surprised to realize that there are few movies who use it as a backdrop.

2) So many horror films struggle to create characters the audience really care about, what did you do to build character-audience attachment?

It was very difficult because like many horror movies our characters have to explore place where they shouldn’t be and everybody in the theatre knows that except for them. To build likeable characters, I tried to focus on their motivation, justify their actions and understand why they ignore all the warnings that the audience sees. Once you accept and understand their decision to go in, it … Continue reading

Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin to perform Profondo Rosso At The Barbican, London

Goblin 21st Feb 2015 FB event coverClaudio Simonetti’s Goblin to perform Profondo Rosso At The Barbican, London.

Old Empire proudly presents Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin performing the soundtrack to Dario Argento’s Profondo Rosso (aka Deep Red) at The Barbican Hall on* Saturday 21st February 2015.

Coinciding with Profondo Rosso’s 40th anniversary, Goblin will be playing their original score live to a screening of the film for the first time in the UK.

Goblin’s scores, once heard are never quite forgotten. Profondo Rosso is no exception, characterised by its synth heavy sound and chilling central theme. Along with Suspiria, Profondo Rosso is perhaps Argento’s most celebrated film and a total classic of the giallo horror subgenre and in its own right.Originally inspired by bands like King Crimson and prog-era Genesis, Goblin’s unique sound is instantly recognisable and has earned them a cult status all of their own. Having been dissatisfied with the original soundtrack, Argento called local band Cherry Five in at short notice. They renamed themselves Goblin and, legend has it, wrote the new soundtrack in one night.

Goblin 21st Feb 2015 - WebsizedEvent page: … Continue reading

The Zombie King (2013) Review

zombie king 1THE ZOMBIE KING (2013)

Dir- Aidan Belzaire

Starring- Edward Furlong, Corey Feldman, George McCluskey, David McClelland, Michael Gamarano, Jon Campling.

Aidan Belzaire’s THE ZOMBIE KING is yet another entry into the ever expanding and continuing zombie horror genre, and with the popularity of THE WALKING DEAD it looks like the undead won’t be going away anytime soon. Admittedly with this film I was going in with low expectations as I heard a few negative things about it, though to my surprise, despite certain flaws in both structure and layout, what started initially on paper as something that will leave most horror fans yawning with the feeling of ‘seen it, move on, next’ ends up being a horror yarn which at least works with its low budget.

Admittedly the film has Furlong and Feldman’s names on the poster, but this is a low budget horror film, and even though they are only on screen for a short amount of time, it’s understandable for the makers to place their names at the front, to get some publicity off of that recognition. Hey I was interested in seeing a zombie film featuring John … Continue reading

Infected (2014) Trailer for new Horror Short Film

151014 INFECTEDPOSTER2Infected (2014) Horror Short

Dir: Jason Wright

Starring: Darren Harper, Rosie Pearson.

‘Infected’ is the latest gory horror short from Silent Studios. The film will make it’s UK Première in January 2015 at the Horror on Sea film festival. This bloody flick is already getting some great feedback and so far the trailer has had over 1,100 views on Youtube.


After the accident, Rebecca discovers herself in a very different world than she remembers. Plagued by her patchy memory and self-doubt she fends for herself. She encounters Gary who tells her a terrifying story of his escape from the local jail. Can Rebecca trust Gary? Can she cope with what she learns? Can she survive in the world of the ‘Infected‘.

Please support Independent Horror, share the trailer and infect the world.

Check out my interview with Jason Wright here: