HorrorCon UK Hits Yorkshire 9th & 10th July 2016 – Amazing Guests & MORE

HorrorCon UK Hits Yorkshire 9th & 10th July 2016


HorrorCon UK 2016 returns to bring you more gore than ever before on the 9th & 10th July 2016 at Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham S60 1DX. With over 2500 visitors in 2015, HorrorCon UK 2016 promises to be even bigger and better! Plan on spending the day at HorrorCon UK or better still the weekend – there’s lots to see and do included in the ticket price. HorrorCon UK provides an atmospheric space where like minded fans and fiends can get together to celebrate the weird and wonderful world of horror!

Doug_Bradley_01A friendly place where you can meet and speak with some of the most iconic names in horror and maybe purchase an autograph or photo. You can meet Doug Bradley (Pinhead), Kane Hodder (Friday 13th), Linnea Quigley (Scream Queen), David Naughton (American Werewolf in London), Graham Masterton (Author) , Shaun Hutson (Author) and many more.

Included in the ticket price are facilitated Q & As with star guests, including Kane Hodder and Doug Bradley!  More guests to be announced … Continue reading

Pieces (2016) Short Films Review

piecesshort1Pieces (UK, 2016)
Dir: Dan Sunley
Starring: Kristy Guest, Kate Sandison, Louise Willoughby,

Website – http://www.piecesfilm.com

Plot: When grandmother, Theresa (Sandison) dies, it’s up to granddaughter, Isabella (Guest), to put her house in order. Going through her grandmother’s things, she discovers a journal and a jigsaw puzzle. Strange occurrences around the house stir up old memories and compels Isabella to complete the puzzle in hopes that it might reveal secrets about her grandmother.

The first short film by writer/director Dan Sunley and his production company Cappuccino Studio, following up from the feature film You’re Fired!! While the previous production was a crime comedy, Pieces is a stark contrast, an emotional ghost story. Focusing on the relationship between a dead grandmother and grieving granddaughter, Pieces captures the moment where are mortality feels the most fragile. On first impressions I feared that this might just be another low budget ghost short, continuing the sub-genre’s popularity in contemporary horror.

Thankfully Pieces has it’s own strengths, in it’s location and it’s actors. It’s claustrophobic little house setting mimics the traditional haunted house well with it’s tight corridors and slamming doors. The cast is tiny at just … Continue reading

Dark Web: Steven Hickey’s Essential Guide To Creepypasta – Part 16 Jane The Killer


creepypastaCrappypasta. No, that’s not a typo, it’s a real thing.

I think you can probably guess what it is, but just in case you can’t (or missed the earlier entries in this series, in which case I suggest you go back and doing some catching up! Go on, you’ve missed some great stories!) it’s a play on words. In much the same way that Creepypasta came from the online term Copypasta (referring to a block of text spread throughout the internet via users copying and pasting it to email/forums), Crappypasta refers to Creepypasta that is, well, Crap.

That’s not to say it’s without merit — even junk food hits the spot now and then and as a horror fan there are films that I adore that are so bad they’re good. In fact, the runners of Creepypasta.com look at all submissions and those that are below the required standard, but show some glimmer of potential if worked on, honed and polished, find their way onto Crappypasta.com. (http://www.crappypasta.com)

Notable examples of Crappypasta include the notorious story below, which … Continue reading

Jacob’s Ladder (1990) Review

jacobs1DEAD BY DAWN FEST 2016: JACOB’S LADDER (Dir- Adrian Lyne, USA, 1990)

Starring- Tim Robbins, Elizabeth Pena, Danny Aiello, Pruitt Taylor Vince

Think of this review as more of a retrospective type, as one of the many advantages of Dead By Dawn is to catch some classic films on the big screen, not ones that are about to be re-released or being screened in digital restorations, but ones that have been specially selected by festival organiser Adele Hartley. On the same day that closed with a superb double bill tribute screening to the late great Wes Craven in the form of NEW NIGHTMARE and HILLS HAVE EYES (both in 35mm as well) we started with a showing of Adrian Lyne’s superb and vastly underrated JACOB’S LADDER. A film that originally I heard bits about when it was originally released but only managed to see towards the end of the 90’s, very late one night on a video store rental copy. The first time I saw this film I was left with the experience of watching something full of unease, disturbing often shocking images, a nightmarish feel and quality that somehow by … Continue reading

Pandemic (2016) Review

pandemicdvd1Pandemic (2016)

Director: John Suits

Writer: Dustin T. Benson

Stars: Rachel Nichols, Alfie Allen, Missi Pyle

Country: USA

UK DVD Release Date: 23rd May from Platform Entertainment Limited

Also Known As: Viral

Plot (From IMDB)

Pandemic is set in the near future, where a virus of epic proportions has overtaken the planet. There are more infected than uninfected, and humanity is losing its grip on survival. Its only hope is finding a cure and keeping the infected contained. Lauren (Rachel Nichols) is a doctor, who, after the fall of New York, comes to Los Angeles to lead a team to hunt for and rescue uninfected survivors.

pandemic2Throughout history the human race has faced many pandemics, such as smallpox and TB. And from time to time we face one so devastating that it wipes out massive numbers of people, such as the Black Death, which killed at least 75 million! So I suppose its only natural that genre filmmakers look to exploit our fears and make horror films with such diseases at their heart.

Director John Suits has chosen to dive head first into … Continue reading

Hank Boyd Is Dead (2015) Review

hankboyd1Hank Boyd Is Dead (2015)

Running Time: 76 minutes

Writer & Director: Sean Melia

Cast: Stefanie E. Frame, David Christopher Wells, Liv Rooth, Michael Hogan, Carole Monferdini, Arthur Aulisi

Hank Boyd is dead. There you have it. The title of this darkly comic horror film leaves you in little doubt as to what to expect when you sit down to watch the story unfold. The question is, can Director Sean Melia deliver on what feels like a promise to entertain, amuse and horrify in equal measure?

We begin by meeting Sarah, who is making her way to the Boyd house to cater for the funeral of Hank (he’s dead remember). We discover, alongside Sarah, that Hank has killed himself in custody after being found guilty of the murder of a young woman. In time, Sarah will realise that this is not entirely the whole truth. From the very outset of the film, the story is interspersed with old home footage (presumably depicting the Boyd family as children) and whilst the old footage is a nice touch, it unfortunately becomes woefully over used, flashing back continually throughout the story without adding much … Continue reading

Dark Signal (2016) Review

darksig1Dark Signal (2016) Review

Director: Edward Evers-Swindell (as Ed Evers-Swindell)

Writers: Edward Evers-Swindell (as Ed Evers-Swindell), Antony Jones

Stars: Siwan Morris, Gareth David-Lloyd, Joanna Ignaczewska

Country: UK

Release Date: 30 May 2016 (UK) from Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment

Slasher films and ghost story’s are two “go to” horror sub genres for film makers wanting to dabble in horror. With Dark Signal, director Edward Evers-Swindell has bended the two, but with pretty frustrating results if I’m honest. Its a shame, as the cast he has assembled are very recognisable (well, to those of us in the UK anyway) and have a wealth of acting experience.

Dark Signal starts with the most overused openings in horror. We see a young woman being murdered by a serial killer. I know this is a tried and trusted method of opening a film of this type, but there must be fresher idea’s out there! After the opening, we meet Kate (Joanna Ignaczewska-The Scopia Effect), a skint mother as she joins her partner, Nick (Duncan Pow-star of numerous UK TV shows) as they attempt to steal £40k that he is owed. Kate is the getaway driver, but soon … Continue reading

They’re Here Productions LTD Presents FOLLOW THE LEADER Coming 2017

ftl1They’re Here Productions LTD Presents FOLLOW THE LEADER Coming 2017


Logline: After a savage home invasion, a desperate mother must put her trust in a dangerous psychopath in order to find her abducted daughter.

Manchester-based production company THEY’RE HERE PRODUCTIONS LTD will be bringing “FOLLOW THE LEADER” to the masses in 2017. Elliott Maguire will produce and direct from his original screenplay, with shooting taking place in April/May in Yorkshire and Manchester.

From Elliott Maguire:

“With Follow The Leader I hope to create an intensely visceral experience, taking inspiration from the minimalist horrors of John Carpenter as well as the intense, blood-soaked wave of French horror like Inside and Frontiers.”

The script for Follow The Leader has been well-praised, with various sources claiming it’s a “no-holds-barred, punchy script”, but Follow The Leader will also be unique in its production and distribution. Maguire plans on shooting exclusively on the iPhone in the same way as recent indie-hit Tangerine, using natural lighting to create an immersive visual experience similar to mega-hit The Revenant. In terms of distribution, They’re Here Productions LTD will be self-distributing exclusively online. This will make the … Continue reading

Che Gilson’s Netflix Roulette #11 – Harbinger Down (2015)

harbingerdownChe Gilson’s Netflix Roulette #11 – Harbinger Down (2015)

Join Che as she plays Netflix Roulette and watches a randomly selected horror film. Will it be awesome? Will it be torture? What horrors await?? Find out every month with Netflix Roulette!

Title: Harbinger Down

Year: 2015

Director: Alec Gillis

Starring: Lance Henriksen, Camille Balsamo, Matt Winston, Reid Collums

Netflix Rating: 1.8

Seen it before: No

First Impressions: The low rating is not promising and the description sounds exactly like Virus and or Leviathan, both of whom were just rip-offs of The Thing. This isn’t exactly a promising start, although I DO love a creature feature. So let’s find out if it’s good, bad or just plain ugly.

Harbinger 3The Verdict: Well that could have been significantly worse. Ever since John Carpenter’s The Thing came out it has spawned imitations like spare body parts. Most are terrible, the better ones are fairly watchable. And happy day, Harbinger Down falls squarely into watchable.

University student Sadie (Balsamo) along with fellow students and Professor Stephen (Matt Winston) are studying the effects of global warming on … Continue reading

Aberrancy by Su Halfwerk – Book Review

Aberrancy by Su HalfwerkAberrancy by Su Halfwerk – Book Review

Book links:

Amazon UK: amazon.co.uk/dp/B01CYX1MBG
Amazon US: amazon.com/dp/B01CYX1MBG
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/aberrancy/id992269011?mt=11
Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/aberrancy-su-halfwerk/1121877211

I love a good title, especially one that perfectly evokes a mood. Call a book Terror Land and as long as you throw some proper terror into the narrative, that’s a good read, and a good overall package. Tell your reader what they’re getting, and deliver. So, call your book Aberrancy, like Su Halfwerk has, and you’re giving an expectation of wrongness. Something nasty waiting in the wings.

In part, Aberrancy delivers. There’s definitely something wrong about the way that lead character Robert goes about seeking the truth surrounding the deaths linked to his daughter, and the ways in which the people around him suffer as an evil witch seeks to hide her true motives from him.

Now, the only reason I say this only delivers partly is the author’s use of old-fashioned storytelling to spin a modern tale. The descriptions used, as well as the language spoken by most of the characters, gives this more of a 1900’s feel, which doesn’t mesh with … Continue reading